"Maiden, Mother & Crone" as written by and Jason Shutt John D Cronise....
The maiden sitting by her pool
Was first to hear my pleas
As she looked into the water
She recited these words to me

Walk not down that road
I can not tell you where it goes
Ask me no more questions
Some things you weren't meant to know

The mother toiling in the fields
Her apron full of seeds
As she dropped them to the earth
She recited these words to me

Walk not down that road
I can not tell you where it goes
Ask me no more questions
Some things you weren't meant to know
The greater mysteries
Cannot be shown
Divided by three
The are the maiden, the mother, the crone

Finally I found the crone
Walking through the trees
She looked in my eyes
As she recited these words to me

Go before the maiden
Get down on your knees
Should you win her favor
She may tell you what she sees
The harvest is reaped
Seeds are shown
Multiplied by three
She is the maiden, the mother, the crone

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"Maiden, Mother & Crone" as written by John D Cronise Jason Shutt


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    General Commentthe maiden, mother and crone is a triple goddess used in some religions, mainly in ancient indo-european mythologies, kind of like the trinitarian god of christianity, but other than that, there is no similarity between the two. even the triple goddess was found in pre-islamic arabia.

    on a slight tangent i'd just like to say something i found interesting about the pre-islamic tri goddess(allāt (where allah comes from), al-'uzzā and manāt). it is said that muhammed was inspired by these goddesses and hints of them are found in the qur'an, they are called by some, the satanic verses, when i saw this i was reminded of a book i read by salman rushdie called satanic verses, its a good read and i highly recommend it, but whatever, a bit off topic but, yeah, just though i'd mention it. nothing to do with the sword tho, sword, rock on
    theswordfuckinownson July 12, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe Maiden the Mother and the Crone are goddesses in the mythology of the Andals, a people from George R. R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire. They have seven gods, the rest of whom are the Warrior, the Father and the Smith, as well as the Stranger, the god of death.

    Read that series. The first book is A Game of Thrones.
    omnilinguaon July 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentConsidering the talk of great mystery, harvest, and the 3 aspects of the same being, I think this song relates the story of a follower of pagan religion.
    runningwild989on May 07, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI beleive this is a reference to a chapter of Homers "The Odessey". the same book that "oh Brother Where Art Thou" is based on.
    ASMILLER033on June 05, 2015   Link

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