At The Gates Of Vesilahti

Once grew up a beautiful child
Grew older a sun of Ukko
Kirmu, a bad-tempered, ferocious warrior
The lord of Vesilahti
At the age of four he rode a shepherd
At the age of five he crossed the Kaakila
bay with a horse

To the lands of Kirmu
To the house of a young man
Arrived the Lord of Huntu
Man of the cross, worshipper of Jesus Christ
Lord of Huntu was a preacher
Winding through the tales of his
Twisting the ancient stories
Threatening the children of Ukko

This was enough for Kirmu
Enough for the Lord of Vesilahti
Enough for the great warlord
Enough for the greatest of the swordsman
The wise ruler Kirmu
Captured the men of God
Imprisoned the Lord of Huntu
Tied up a bastard of Christ

And so said our Kirmu
Advised the Lord of Huntu:
"Leave thy faith and join us,
if you wish to stay alive!"
The lord of Huntu did not fear,
did not say a word
Still prayed for godless Kirmu,
who was about to nail him onto a tree

On Naulinkari of Sakaselkä
They left the Lord of Huntu
To make up his mind
To live or die
In the darkest night
With a moonless sky
Arrived the helping hands
Those who believed in God

Maiden Hilja, one of God's own
came to help the Lord of Huntu
with a child on her boat
She sailed to the rocks of Naulinkari
Maiden Hilja walked silently
Passed the guards of Kirmu
Set free the Lord of Huntu
escorted him to the secret sauna of Kerilahti

Kirmu was swearing and cursing
The enemy was nowhere to be seen
No longer trapped on his island
On Naulinkari of Sakaselkä
"Why oh why didn't I Kill him,
dare to murder man of Christ,
take the life from the Lord of Huntu,
strangle to death the man from Kalanti?"

The lord of Huntu could not escape
once again he was caught
this time it was forever
Eternally indeed
Lord of Huntu lost his arms
Hands were torn away
Torso pumping out the blood
Bleeding the life away

the bleeding arms were tied up
The arteries were burned and shut
That was the end of the Lord of Huntu
Too tired and too old to continue
The deeds of Kirmu were frightening
and ended up as these tales
In the land of forests
At the Gates of Vesilahti

[Korpiklaani note:
This story is based on a local legend about the true historical events in Vesilahti. Jonne and Jarkko are originally from Vesilahti.]

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