This is what we want, we want to be made
You're manufacture for our decade
Saying worldly and clever and honest we are
We'll prove it with reference to our last seminar

We dance and we sing
Of a love we're not in
And the boys and the times
And the pints and the shots
All we recall of a time we forgot

Apparently this is the way one should be
Some clever boy said so, it feels fine to me
We sing and we dance and make eyes at their heads
Have photographs taken to make us look dead

They dance and they sing
Of a world they're not in
Their lives are improved by the things that we do
We're special enough to get paid

And we all know the real song but we won't sing along
'cause our boyfriends and girlfriends and parents will say
Don't be a square, grow your hair and be happy
It's not god that made you this way

So lift up your top
Lift up your top
Lift up your top, got to use what you've got
Try not to see anything but the fee
It's all tongue in cheek anyway!

We've highlighted lines in the books of Why Not
But the women back then were extremists the lot
I'm have control of my gender, my sex
Every whore that I've heard of is free of regret
I think it's fine just to make people smile
I think it's fine to force people to smile
Make me a dolly, make me a princess
Make me your baby, make me your goddess

Rape me and beat me
Rape us and beat us
Rape us and beat us 'til we're black and blue
We made it ok on the day we said nothing
Was better than something to say

What our foremothers fought for was peachy and swell
But hey they forgot to be mothers as well
Instead of our fathers, our sisters did say:
Let's just be pretty, it's more fun that way

Let's just be pretty
Let's just be beautiful
Let's just be retro and disco and twee
We don't know the song so we can't sing along
And our daughters will never be free.

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Our Daughters Will Never Be Free song meanings
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    General CommentI love this song. This band should have more comments on all their songs.

    Like the person above me said it's about how people have kind of let feminism die and made being a feminist into a bad thing or saying that feminism means extremism, and saying that girls are already liberated so they should stop complaining. You've got a lot of girls these days wanting to be cutesy and it seems like society has actually gone backwards as far as equality goes- only this time it's the girls who are pushing things backwards.

    It also made me think of websites like Suicide Girls that are supposed to be so "feminist" and empowering females but really are just like other porn industries- girls making money by being judged on how appealing they look.
    HappySoulon June 10, 2008   Link
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    General Commentits about girls today just wanting to be pretty, dumb, and popular rather than wanting to be smart, strong, and independent.
    King of Some Islandon May 10, 2008   Link

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