So tonight, I, plan to make this right
Even though nothing
Seems to be in its place, like me
And my thoughts have
Gone some place
Without me

To start
She was waiting for me just to respond
To her laughs and her cries
And lately
It’s gotten back like it used to be
Talking so softly over telephone lines
Then somehow you
Made yourself disappear
Without saying goodbye
It’s so beautiful
This hurt process
I just love to indulge in
It’s so beautiful
The mistakes
That make this disguise so perfect
You’re so beautiful
When you say, we’re together forever

Even when I dream we’re together forever (together forever, together forever)
It’s still just a dream
Even when I say we were meant for each other (we’re meant for each other, we’re meant for each other)
It’s still just a dream
Even though this dream constitutes our future
It’s still just a dream (it’s still our dream)
Even though we say our hearts are still in each other
It’s still just a dream

Saying all these lies, just to hold what’s deep down inside me
It comes, oh, so naturally
But what I really wanna tell you
Is that you’re my ocean
And our love’s just the breeze
And as you softly, slowly
Push me, the boat, across the sea
I begin to forget, that this is just a dream

Here’s my one last chance
For a sudden turn for the worst
Will you be here this one last time to catch me?

Are we still, letting this
Still get to our heads?
Just take a step
Better yet, I’m there for you
When we fall
But knowing that, this is just a dream
Breaks it all
The final touches to this mystery
Come hand in hand with me
So please wake me up
So I can show you what it means
To be perfect
And I’ll show you yourself
In the mirror, in the mirror
Just take a step
Better yet, I’m there for you
When we fall
Please stop, saying
That this is just a dream

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This Dream Constitutes Our Future song meanings
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