"Please Don't" as written by and Liam James Fray....
Four years and twenty two shades of blonde
Is all that separated us,
Why couldn't we have carried on?
We could have got married,
You could have carried some of my sons.

you let me change the radio station in your car,
Do you remember that time I raised my voice
Because you said you'd never ever heard of the La's?

you continued to get intimidated,
But then your finger tips wrapped round those knuckles of mine,
The fear walked home and your smile returned,
And all of a sudden everything was fine.

but those days have passed
And these types of relationship never last.

so please don't pretend that we'll stay friends,
Because you know as well as I do that that,
Well that just, it never happens,
Well no that just never happens.

how come I always see you out
With those boys that we used to argue about?
You walk over all flustered and stuff
Telling everyone inside that you've had enough.

you spend eighty five per cent of your night
Trying to make me understand
Why you were standing so close while you're kissing him.
And why you left that place holding his hand,
Oh darling can't you see that it's got fuck all to do with me?

please don't pretend that we'll stay friends,
'cause you know as well as I do that that,
Well that just, it never happens

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"Please Don't" as written by Liam James Fray

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    General CommentI can't believe nobody has commented on this great song!

    I can really relate to this type of relationship where it is over, but you can't admit it, an use the "lets be friends" line as a way to keep hold of a part of the other person. Afterwards when you see that person on a night out you can't have fun anymore because you want to talk to them and let them know that you are still available, just in case they are still interested.

    Itt's a very sad song, but also very beautiful
    blue_star_82on September 03, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningI've been a Courteeners fan for years but only recently has this song took on a personal meaning. I'm 28 and recently parted ways with a girl I'd been seeing who for 100 different reasons it was never going to work with. However, she was the girl that if you are lucky you get to have once in your life.
    And I don't just mean in a physical way. She was the girl with the big eyes, the tilted head, cheeky yet beautiful smile who would randomly phone telling you of the latest stupid thing she had done "I've just walked through a bomb scare" "I've just walked into a notice board, it was massive" or turn up on FB in a banana fancy dress outfit in the middle of the week for no good reason. The girl who could laugh at herself and everything around her but put you back in place with just a look (her face couldn't lie). The girl who you would chat to you for hours as you learned her life history and never wanting to hang up on, even as she started brushing her teeth mid-conversation. The girl you would fly 2000 miles to see for an afternoon and then half of the following day before flying away again. Fiercely intelligent, committed, brutally honest, the girl who you think has magic in her soul. The girl that would fall asleep with her head on your chest and then wake up with it in exactly the same position as the night before. She was the girl, she was everything!! From quiet nights in cooking to weekends at the top of Blackpool Tower, music festivals, concerts. Relating to this song you ask "can we stay friends?" The fact for a while she was your best friend makes it so much harder just to contemplate the question. Every line has a meaning I can relate to this relationship, "you let me change the radio station in your car." Well you let me use Spotify a couple of times!! "These types of relationship never last." Long distance just doesn't work long term, it can't happen.

    Eventually real life gets in the way and it just can't work. You end up sitting in a quiet room on your own half way around the world thinking "what if" or if only I'd met her at a different time, a different place!! Having to hide her on FB as you have to work up the courage to see her appear in photos with a different guy thinking "I had my chance, this should have been me." You try to be friends and you want nothing more than to have her in your life but is it really doing you any good? Is it better just to move on? For now I don't know but I'm not giving up on her. As much as I want to have her again I know this can't happen and the new guy is so good for her, and you love her so much you know that it's in her best interest to stay quiet and let her make a better, happier life for herself; she deserves it. This doesn't make it any less painful though. But can you stay friends afterwards? Yes, you have to. Life is so much brighter when she is in your life. Remember the good times, just don't dwell on them. Remember the smile, the voice, the laugh, the nicknames, you never know, you might get lucky and find magic again!! #oneday
    UKCYPon September 04, 2013   Link

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