Words aren’t enough to describe what I’m feeling,
This pain inside of me will send you reeling,
I call out for help but no one hears me,
All I can do now is curl up in a ball and plea

This bloody knife I hold only stops the pain for a while,
You wouldn’t understand but it helps me stay out of denial,
But nothing seems to stop these tears from falling,
Why can’t anybody hear me shout; I am calling

In a crowded room I feel so alone,
I can’t help but feel I’m completely on my own,
This horrible headache just won’t go away,
It just gets worse and worse with every passing day

My dad doesn’t help with the mood I’m now in,
I sure hope suicide won’t be known as a sin,
I don’t want my life to end like this, I want to live,
At the same time I’d like to take this knife and shove it through my ribs

How much more can I take of the depression?
The way I feel inside is causing me regression,
No one understands why I don’t feel right,
I’m in a battle but I am losing this fight,
All I’m asking is for someone to save me please,
I’ll beg all you want and fall to my knees,
Just come and save me,
Same me

I can no longer remember the days that I was happy,
Every time I look in a mirror it’s a tear stained face I see,
Why was it me that this had to happen to?
I’m scared and alone and don’t know what to do

I don’t have fun with my friends anymore,
They all left me just as soon as I became a bore,
If only they’d have known what’s happening to me inside,
They would have helped me out and then abide


Someone please save me

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