"Passion Colors Everything" as written by Marko Saaresto, Olli Tukiainen and Markus Kaarlonen....
This is my toothpaste moment, oh, I'll need to flash a smile
I'll be the super-absorbent-man, watch them flock to me in single file
And I'll need to do it with style, I need to keep me up to date
Swallowing the sun run another mile, it's overrated how we underrate

I dance in tune with what I fear
To do adrenaline
Completely rapt with what I hear
When passion colors everything
The songs I sing, from way out there to deep within
The face I wear behind my grin
The price I've paid for my original sin
Everything, everything, everything

I have a mind for simple things, but things are not of mind to simplify
There's always some loophole technicality you buy into and pay until you die
Money doesn't bring me joy, it's more like a darling dead weight
And I seem to have lost my appetite, it's underrated how we overrate

I dance entangled with my dear
She pulls my every string
Completely trapped yet never here
When passion colors everything...

And when I'm finally brought to my senses
Parade the rain on my parade
Before I'm back to my defenses
To watch the whole thing escalate

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"Passion Colors Everything" as written by Markus Kaarlonen Marko Saaresto

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Passion Colors Everything song meanings
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    General CommentI'm glad that I am the first one to comment on this song. Well this song is very close to my heart. It is about forgetting everything and following the passion, the passion to do what you feel. And you will do it like you dance with what you fear. And then you feel proud of yourself.
    ritwikon July 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI always thought this song was about politicians, celebrities etc, who put on a perfect image that everyone loves, while underneath they know how corrupt and imperfect they are. I'd pick out a quote but you can look at pretty much any line and see it lol.
    DiamShadowWraithon May 19, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI used to always talk to my old girlfriend about this one because from what I believe, its obviously about a passion that takes over life no matter what it is. For example:

    "When passion colors everything, the songs I sing, from way out there, to deep within, the face I wear behind my grin, the price I pay for my original sin..."

    Hes saying no matter what you do, your "passion" will affect your life dramatically even though you may not know it. For example, if youre in love with someone, no matter what, the songs you sing, from way out there to deep within, the face you wear behind that smile, the price you pay in the end will be affected at that time due to the "passion" you seek in them.


    "I dance entangled with my dear(They fight a lot)
    Shew pulls my every string(She knows how to piss him off, lol)
    Completely trapped yet never here(She or he feels trapped by that person even though they arent there at those moments)"

    Great lines involving the relationship angle I mentioned. Idk though, thats what I think...
    DrPorqeyon December 02, 2011   Link

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