"Modern Day Folk" as written by and Timothy James Levinson Philip Norman....
[Verse 1]
We the modern day folk singers, even if
the old folk singers think we're just dope slingers
Ode to the idiom and the flow gideon
My ear a melody net yet there's no singing em
Some are not kidding they're puzzled at how we talk
I tell it's not talk, like cheese and chalk
And we walk without fear in the ground we tread
And it's flawed cos you're hearing all the thoughts goin round my head
Where paradox and respect wed
And I work to my catalogue not my nest egg
And the wordplay is direct and unashamed
Taken in all the frame with a ridiculous name
So many of us made a claim
Some soared so high
Plenty fell off like a shot down plane
The wind blowing your bridge over troubled waters down
But don't worry we'll sort it out

And You've got to be engaged
You're not just listening to your mates
We're trying to save the world
A brave new world, I love that bitter taste
And you've got to be engaged
It's not a grudge match every day
It's just life in all it's phases
Cos no folk song ever saved us

[Verse 2]
Like A Tribe Called Quest said, it's all expected
Things will get hectic, change is a threat like when Dylan went electric
Cos we all affected, directed, defected
In puffy chested but then out dejected
No massage for every bad back
It isn't Hollywood, it's just Mad Max
It isn't the serum to get rid of your anthrax
No Mother Teresa it's just the beat of a damn track
I don't really care for half of these MCs
But some of them are like the path of a set-piece
All of it and more we can't let you get sleep
No relationship was started on a wet dream
So we knock down doors and we rock our jaws
And we don't turn our back if it's not our cause
Stand and stare upward form the ground floor
Get up, what you down for?

[Chorus] {X2}

[Verse 3]
It's really not that profound, the way a phrase
knocks you down to others it's nothing more than a background
Some are weak at the knees at that sound
I rewind the song and sit down now
Constantly flip between the FM stations
The jocks spruik the next sensations
But I don't care about the next sensations
I'm sorry if I left you waiting

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