When the gods left with smoke and ashes,
Who do you think was there?
Six fingered dealers eager to show all their wares.

Only the blind man knows the road.
Only the faithful can let go.
Trespassing the garden, lantern is flickering
Below the surface, waters are bickering
Aleister Crowley, there’ll be no golden Dawn,
Only the molten tongue of Metatron.

You just cool spellbinder, shaking up a bag of tricks.
And your house made of mirror, and your house made of sticks.

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    General CommentThis song is poking fun at the various occult groups that have popped up across the centuries.

    "When the gods left with smoke and ashes" may imply the dawn of science replacing the literal deification of natural forces.

    "Six fingered dealers" may refer to the founders of these occult societies, deceiving the public with their limited knowledge of science and chemistry.

    "below the surface, waters are bickering" may refer to one of many deities said to exist in underground oceans.

    "Aleister Crowley, they'll be no golden Dawn" Aleister Crowley was a famous occultist and source-forger, who used circular sourcing to validate his largely false historical and literary claims about secret societies.

    Metatron was sometimes believed to, in Kabbalism and Talmudic Judaism, be the messenger who spoke for Jehovah to mortals. The mentioning may represent a connection between man and the divine, supernatural forces, or higher physical processes.

    The song's verdict of these occult magicians and alchemists seems to be one of insult: "You just cool spellbinder, shaking up a bag of tricks.
    And your house made of mirror, and your house made of sticks. "
    TheObserveron September 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAlso, "trespass in the garden" may refer to Genesis: Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden of eden because Jehovah didn't want them to eat from the tree of life and become immortal once they had become free-willed. Many occult societies and alchemists across the world searched for the elixir of immortality.
    TheObserveron September 30, 2008   Link

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