Squirrels imported from Connecticut
Just in time for fall
How much fun is a lot more fun?
Not much fun at all
What's with all the handsome grandsons
In these rock band magazines?
And what have they done with the fat ones?
The bald and the goatee'd?

Strange victory!
Strange victory!
Strange victory!
Strange defeat

A tale is told of a band of squirrels
Who lived in defiance of defeat
They woke up in the nightmare world
Of craven mediocrity
They said, "We're coming out of the black patch!
We're coming out of the pocket!
We're calling into question
Such virtue gone to seed!"

Chorus (x2)

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Strange Victory, Strange Defeat song meanings
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    General CommentI feel that this song is a cry out to the "indie" scene. That these indie bands such as pavement and the jews worked for attention for the mainstream people. Now that "indie" is the top form of "rock" these days with "emo" bands such as my chemical romance, and fall out boy they feel that the musical revolution that they had started over a decade ago had left their hands and turned into something completely different. Strange victory, strange defeat.
    mrtywalshon April 29, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti couldn't agree more mrtywalsh. you can feel the sadness in david berman's fantastic unique voice.
    staroftrackandfieldon June 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think Marty Walsh about hits it. Respectfully, I disagree with any "sadness" being felt in sentiments here. There's maybe some minor league lamenting going on, but most of this is done in good fun.

    "What have they done with the fat ones, the bald and the goateed?" That's pretty much a tip off that this isn't an exercise in pathos and sadness.
    supposablethumbson August 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHe's definitely making fun of the trend of naming bands after animals. I don't think it is mean spirited at all. It's more that he's been around and is way older than the other indie bands and sees the ridiculousness of the scene and the bigger pattern.
    TaShawnon August 20, 2008   Link

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