Well this is for the countless cases of AIDS caught from used needles. 10% to fit a rage and cops abuse people. It’s not equal; good’s no match for true evil, when the so-called prevention of death can prove lethal. And on a large scale I probably won’t make a difference. On a large scale, my problem’s so insignificant. But pen is my instrument, sand script the infinite, written rhymes hidden diamond jewels from my pencil grip. In a mental fit cause the press came and bent this shit. Truth will find the surface, but the media will censor it. That’s perpetration man, that’s here to hurt the nation cause they want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but interpretations. And local businesses run out by major corporations, so they can a small pox with deadly vaccinations. Man everybody on earth’s guilty of tax evasion when aggravation’s magnified with great exaggerations and through all our little petty differences and bad relations, we have the patience of a toddler with a bag of raisins. Use your imaginations, come on America! Here’s some nails and plywood, go build some fucking character. Maybe then you’ll see that Matthew Perry and the Christmas Fairy just don’t visit people with Malaria and Dysentery. Listen very close while the world is starving helpless, you be buying cars and couches and houses your hella selfish. And your health’s not in danger cause you got social security and plastic surgery and endless electrical currency. Walter filter for purity, no parasitic bugs, no required Id searches to purchase prescription drugs. Half the world has never thought about a car with insurance cause then they reaching death and poverty’s a common occurrence. Although I’m common on surface, to be quite honest, I’m nervous. Our civil rights are in jeopardy to be gone in a flourish. My bodily purpose is to fulfill my odyssey versus just a worthless commodity in this side of me surface. Yo, so there’s a point where you can take patriotism too far, these are the times that makes you find what kind of person you are, what lurks in your heart. Are you willing to die for your country? Me, I’d rather die in the name of my favorite lunchmeat. Cause once we used a point where US economics take it back to where we drop our next atomics. Then you know that Bush is in a can a-smokin’ crack he’s prolly bombing the Iraqis in his 80 dollar khakis. So this will prime America’s souls been rotten, caught-up in another plot and killing Osama Bin Laden and Jordan’s hot in the ass cause he knows it’s his fault for trying to play the adult they’re really welcome to solve. Man he goin to terrorism long before this ever happened, there’s still some people slappin him on the back like they’re clappin and actin like the president is a pound-for-pound hero when bodies still are yet to be found at ground-zero. Man I hope we learn that life is a precious commodity, in any minute you could get popped like balls in the lottery. My eyes are watery, just another soulless robbery. Come on and slob me, it’s all in the name of comrodore right? Well here’s a lesson y’all can learn from 9-11, don’t get caught being so… what can we compare with this? Everyone’s a terrorist, so blame it on your therapist. Nowadays life is perilous. It’s bad enough we use a quarter of the world’s energy and play it like the other countries are the enemy. Can it be, entering the 21st century? If we’re still not number 1, we’ll sure enough pretend to be. Well, how can it be that I’m living in the land of the free, and yet I never fought for freedom, it was handed to me. And is freedom exactly what I understand it to be? Or is it rooted in the values of a family tree? I’m sipping cannabis tee and cinnamon shnapps reject conformity cause I don’t ever wanna live in a box. Respect authority so I don’t have to deal with the cops. Don’t wanna roll with the punches, rather be calling the shots.

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