[feat. C.L. Smooth]

Got my man DJ Krush in the house
It's the caramel kingpin, C.L. Smooth
And only the strong survive

[Verse One]
Actual facts:
The ghetto reacts to warfares
Real bullets miss you by your hair
Survival of the fittest
Hell for the three-time losers
The prisoners of enemy manoeuvres
Hold down the fort, 'cause life is short enough to get it taken
Forsaken when your mental plane's breakin'
Concealin' a 4-pound with every area we surround
'Cause clown, I get down for my crown
Take it to the streets
For the honor and respect connect the lethal
Plus my young guns are unbeatable
Aidin' and abettin' the foul is a violation
That's why my retaliation is premeditation
The invitation is to run with a crew you can't do
And too great to infiltrate from a nickel plate
I state: this be the illest ever known on a rush
Swervin' with the Krush

Yeah, it's the funk vibe that you describe
Keep it alive
'Cause only the strong survive
It's the funk that we move in
Break it down for DJ Krush

[Verse Two]
Slip into the world of shiesty individuals
A troubled man stalked by criminals
Creepin' through the city, I stop on the block to chat
With thugs who pull the drugs for fatcat
Steppin' off the set now, hand on my tool
Thinkin' how bad I want to flip on that fool
Time's a-wastin', chasin' these punks for petty loot
When there's a real mission to execute
I put the plan in effect, forget what you heard
When you get the word from first to third
For real, I got the fam and all my soldiers to feed
With the yardie gunslingers on stash pumpin' weed
Envision the prison that I walk through leavin' any witness
When I'm about to handle my business
No escape from the duct tape and artillery
Now tell me, big man, where's the money?
Ain't a damn thing funny

Uh, and you don't stop
Keep it on 'til the early morn
Get that loot as we execute
DJ Krush and C.L. Smooth
On the way to make cash
Keepin' it live
'Cause only the strong survive
Like this show that you don't stop
C.L. Smooth
Hit me off, kid

[Verse Three]
Cops play for medals, killers play for coroners
In the middle are your sons and all your daughters
Who gives the orders to chaos and mayhem?
Who has the proper guidance of mind to save them
From this cold world of heartless ghetto dwellers
Pimps to prostitutes, and dope sellers?
Fellas, strive to be the lead, not follow
Ladies, you can be the queens of tomorrow
Dig it, I want all that and more for my peeps
In the struggle to jelter
Food, clothing, and shelter
It's essential to maintain the hardcore from the soft
That pushed me to the edge but I can't fall off
My battlegrounds keep the sounds
Of babies cryin', gunshots, and cursin'
Can you feel my real?
Here's the deal
By any means necessary
Go all out and keep this live
'Cause only the strong survive

True that, true that
Only the strong survive
True that, true that
Only the strong survive

DJ Krush on the zigga, zigga
Can't get no bigger

Yeah, can you feel the funk?
It's the funk, baby
And only the strong survive
It's the funk, baby
And only the strong survive

So keep it real

Yeah, only the strong survive

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    General CommentLife in the urban jungle. This is the opening track from Krush's seminal album, "Meiso". Check out this interview excerpt from 1996:

    "’Meiso’ means to stray or wander," he explains. "You know, when you don’t know which way to go. In a lot of different ways, I’ve been doing that in my life up until now. I still am. There might be a number of problems stopping you, standing in your way, but at the end of the day, it is up to you to decide which way to go." You can hear that wandering in tracks like "Bypath" and its repeated variations on the album: "Bypath 1," "Bypath 2," "Bypath 3," and "Bypath – Would You Take It?" They are fragments, interludes taking you on a journey despite the fact that Krush refuses to clear the path for his listener.

    "I’m trying to let people think there’s a lot of ways to go," he says, "and to stress that when you see a door in front of you, instead of shying away from it, to just try and open it – to see if you can move forward to be positive in whatever you do."

    Anarchitecton March 21, 2008   Link

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