"Hideaway" as written by John Buckner Crawford and Chas Sanford....
Take the sky for example, a canvas of a billion suns
But our local hero shines them out by day
Save for the winking of a Venus or Mars

Even the stars sometimes fade to gray
Even the stars hide away

I see the bare moon raise his big, bald head
I see my friends played the fool
I'll make my own way in the wide world
Just now I don't want to wander too far

Even the stars sometimes fade to gray
Even the stars hide away
Even the stars sometimes fade to gray
Even the stars hide away

Some will call me all kinds of names
Some will say I don't play the right kind of game
I try to be honest, try to be kind
And honestly leave when I know that it's time
I know that it's time

Hear a phoebe sing his only song
This summer's day is hovering
I'll ride my full heart, troubles fly like embers
Out the windows of our traveling car

Even the stars sometimes fade to gray
Even the stars hide away
Even the stars sometimes fade to gray
Even the stars hide away
Even the stars sometimes fade to gray
Even the stars hide away

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"Hideaway" as written by John Crawford Chas Sandford

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    General Comment"our local hero" is referring to the sun...you can't see the stars during the day because the sun "shines them out by day".
    ukuleleluon April 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song gave me very strong Sixpence None The Richer vibes.

    It seems like they are tired of their small town/friends/family, talking about "our local hero," and that they're ready to go see more of the world.
    "I'll make my own way in the wide world, just know I don't want to wander too far. ...and honestly leave when I know that it's time, I know that it's time." as they sing "out the windows of our traveling car."
    Breedabieon April 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI got this interview from a blog site... tis an interview between Steve and Deb (the married couple that make up the Weepies) and their comments on their song Hideaway...


    We had been listening to a lot of old blues songs, where the guitar playing often plays the main melody along with the singer. A lot of acoustic guitar playing is simply chords, over which the melody is sung; we wanted to do that thing where the guitar plays the same notes as the singer sings, so they're both doing it at the same time. The lyrics came out of our experiences of needing some time to hide!

    The recording was a real collaboration. We recorded the acoustic guitar and Deb's lead vocal first at home in our living room. Frank Lenz came up with a classic rhythm pattern that worked, and then we sent that whole track via email to bassist Whynot Jansveld in NYC (we were in LA). Whynot came up with a really fun bottom end, and sent it back to Meg Toohey in LA. Meg's electric guitar is the groovy "chunk-a-chunk" you hear that's WAY back off the beat, almost in the previous bar every time. Then we took all those pieces, added those 60's harmonies and some organ to fill it out. It was the last track to make it onto the record.
    crumbson April 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFor me, this song means that no matter how great something/someone is theres always a point where they need to hide. Sort of a poetic approach to "Nobody is perfect". I love the Weepies, their immagry is fantastic.
    Nikiangelzon January 20, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti did an essay on this song and its meaning. whether my interpretation is right or wrong idk. but i also think they're referring to the sun in the first stanza. i also think that they're just trying to remain true to themselves when other people are selling themselves out. just like the bird doesnt change their song (the pheobe is a bird)...they wont change themselves.
    dulceninaon June 24, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song means that there are a lot of things in the world that will hurt you and get you down, but what you need to do is what you feel is right, not what anyone else says. Most importantly, know that it's okay to step back and take a break from all the pressure that people put on you. It's okay to hideaway.
    Viking23on October 24, 2015   Link

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