Two afternoon tornadoes
Where they ripped into a home
The victims believed to be elderly
Their identities unknown
Hundreds were buried today
By a volcano west of here
Oozing mud blocked highways
We all ran in fear

Furniture got broken
You know the passengers started smokin'
All over the world

One man was killed by a falling eucalyptus tree
An utterly horrific scenario
But incredibly - you know
Boulders also crashed into a local country store
Destroying a glass display case
But little more

Catastrophic profounding tragic
Sorrow grief and despair
Get the children out of the house
Close the door and beware

A mountain liquefies
The judgment day draws near
As lava erupts into the sky
As a man shouts
‘Get out of here!'
A towering bluff breaks off
And then it rumbles down the hill towards town
As another man, not the one from before yells
‘Hell is comin' down!'

Is this how Armageddon begins?
Is this how it ends?
What we get for our sins?
The sky is falling

Peripatetic combination
Of trees mud sand and snow lie
Crop it down a river
Into the terrified village below
Several horses were drowned
Vehicles crushed
Pin-wheeling through the air like dandelion puff

Is this how Armageddon begins?
Is this how it ends?
What we get for our sins?
The sky is falling

The city had gone back behind an advancing wall of flames
I cried out
‘Does anyone know who these dead movie stars are?
Does anyone know their names?'
Violents were pushing others
Up a ravine into the side of the road
Young girls moved all the way up to show
The fuselage was about to explode

The victims they screamed oh they whispered
The paramedic knelt down, then he kissed her
He kidded himself; to be as bad as it seems
With covered bodies from the wreckage from the mountainous ravine
Look out

Is this how Armageddon begins?
Is this how it ends?
What we get for our sins?
The sky is falling

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    General CommentNatural disasters, I guess. It emphasizes mass hysteria of people during these times as they think the Final Judgement day is coming. However, natural disasters occur and we don't know what to make of it, that's why there's hysteria. People don't understand so they freak out. I think that pretty much covers it. I'm not sure of the specific disaster occurances she speaks about.
    doglover427on January 27, 2011   Link
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    General Comment""Sky Is Falling" is oddly similar to the storm events in California in February of 2005. In an article written by the Associated Press writer Ryan Pearson, some of the events that took place with these killer storms are similar to some of the lyrics of the song. Some of the article that seems to mirror the song (whether they be the events or the wording itself) include, "...oozing mud blocked highways..." (similar to lyrics) "...surging river carried away part of an airport," (similar in context) " man who was killed by a falling eucalyptus tree..." (similar to lyrics) "...teenage girl crushed by rocks..." (similar in context) "...mudslides and a huge boulder that threatened to roll onto the highway" (similar in context)."
    TryNotToSmileon March 19, 2011   Link

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