"I Will Possess Your Heart" as written by Benjamin Gibbard, Nicholas Harmer, Jason Mcgerr and Christopher Walla....
How I wish you could see the potential,
the potential of you and me
It's like a book elegantly bound,
but in a language that you can't read just yet

You gotta spend some time love, you gotta spend some time with me
And I know that you'll find love, I will possess your heart
You gotta spend some time love, you gotta spend some time with me
And I know that you'll find love, I will possess your heart

There are days when outside your window,
I see my reflection as I slowly pass
And I long for this mirrored perspective,
when we'll be lovers, lovers at last


I will possess your heart
I will possess your heart

You reject my advances and desperate pleas
I won't let you, let me down so easily, so easily


You gotta spend some time love, you gotta spend some time with me
And I know that you'll find love, I will possess your heart

[Repeat: x3]
I will possess your heart

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"I Will Possess Your Heart" as written by Benjamin Gibbard, Nicholas Harmer, Jason Mcgerr, Christopher Walla

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    General CommentBest. Stalker song. Ever.
    jimikungfuon March 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentDeath Cab is the only band I know that can make straight-up stalking sound like such a romantic notion!
    kellybabe89on April 03, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about a stalker. it's ironic how it can be viewed as a romantic love song.
    JasmineHEROINEon January 04, 2010   Link
  • +3
    General CommentThis song is about being utterly obsessed with someone to the point where you refuse the idea of the love not being reciprocated, a situation I'm sure all of us have been in at least once.

    There are some dark ambiguities beneath the repetitive lyrics and catchy melody... We need to remember that. The rest of the story is up to us. I've only been listening to this for the past half an hour and it's already one of my DCFC favourites.

    Narrow Stairs will be so worth the wait. :)
    thecomaboyon March 18, 2008   Link
  • +3
    General Commentomgness... this is the perfect stalker song...LOVE IT
    hotdamnsugaon December 30, 2010   Link
  • +2
    General CommentI have to say that I'm really looking forward to this new album. I never like new (or just discovered old) content from artist. Heck, when I found Transatlanticism, it took me several months of off and on listening to really like it. My first impression of that album was just, "meh". Now, this is something I really like. It's a totally new direction, vocally, from their prior albums, and has caught my attention from the first listen, and as someone said before, it is becoming one of my more favorite songs of theirs already. I hope their new album keeps this style running.

    As for the song, it kinda reminds me of Aqualung's "Strange and Beautiful", lyrically. Very creepy, almost stalkeresque. It's readily something to which people can relate on many levels.
    Kowon March 23, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningWhen I read the lyrics to this song, which I think are beautifully crafted, I see several different meanings. Firstly, as many other users have commented, there is the "stalkerish" side to the song. The man who is obsessed with a stranger, just longing to get her attention. This could be backed up by the music video which mainly shows the camera as if it is the guy, watching the female character in lots of places. However, I do not see this as being the main meaning of the song. For instance, the lines of the middle 8:
    "you reject my advances and desperate pleas
    I won't let you let me down so easily
    So easily"
    I think that this moment would have been an optimum one to show a conflict in the music video, due to the change of melody and chord progression; this is the climax of the song. But the video shows the band playing for this section, not the girl implying that it is not all about the girl. Perhaps this subtext was intentional to misdirect the listerer/viewer? Just a thought.

    I think a more likely purpose was that of a guy who's friends with a girl but he wants more. This has already been noted many times before too. I think that the song, if written with that subject, wouldn't have been written to sing to the girl, but more of a release from the pent up frustration of the guy. But if this was the case, I'd personally have done the music video as a live gig sort of scenario, focussing on the girl in the audience, and having flashbacks to scenes of them, as if to give the audience the power that she can't have as she is blind to his feelings. It could also show flashforwards to the future to show the potential of what could be. These are just my ideas anyway.

    Finally, another meaning that I hav found in the song is not related to a girl and a guy at all. If you take the song as a direct address to you the listener, being spoken by the singer. Perhaps he is talking to all of the listeners who do not currently like/listen to Death Cab. But he's saying, "you got to spend some time, love (endearment term to draw the listener in), you got to spend some time with me" saying that you must spend some time listening to the music and then "it will possess your heart" (will have won you over, as music seems to be the main thing in a lot of young peoples hearts.)

    The second verse (bear with me as this is a little abstract) could be written about the singer walking by a record shop (outside your window could mean anywhere outside of the listener/intended listeners home) and seeing his reflection(not an actual reflection but the cover of the cd as a reflection of his work) in the shop window. And he wants somebody to but it so that they can take it (him) home and they can spend time together (be lovers at last).

    The middle 8 is ironic in that he sings "you reject my advances and desperate pleas" when this section of the song is both an advance from the current harmony and a plea to the listener. But overall you could say it is about not giving up, even if you have not reached everyone yet, there is still time.

    The chorus is very repetitive, which I believe accents my point about trying to grab peoples attention. The simple melody and instantly memorable lyrics lay as a (literal) real hooks as they are fan-fishing with this song. This is a great song on a great band from a great album. everyone should give them a listen.

    please let me know what you think
    tomsayerp1anoplayeron April 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentFew bands create "monsters" of songs. This is definitely the only "monster" I have heard by DCFC. F-ing incredible.
    hugnloveson July 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAgreed in part with many of these comments. But I can't help but take a hopeful note from this song too. Yes, he may love a girl who didn't love him back right away, but he is taking an obvious comfort in his (perhaps deluded, I'll admit) conviction that regardless of the past, his love for this girl is so strong, that she inevitably will love him back. If there is any such thing as justice or goodness or god, she HAS to. Or so is the perspective of the narrator. And even if he fails, even if everything goes horribly, at least he has this love. It's his, no one can take that away, even if it is not reciprocated. He's fine with dying for that love, even if it's that love that kills him. To me, that's the most romantic thing in the world. But, perhaps I'm not the best critic for this song, as I can relate just about 100% to the sentiment expressed.
    somountainmonkeyon October 11, 2010   Link
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    General Commentlimerence = joy and pain
    blackisacolouron January 03, 2011   Link

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