"Elephant Elephant" as written by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley....
Elephant (elephant)
Big and strong and gentle and intelligent (intelligent)
How could I feel blue
I've got my sister at my side
And an elephant-y ride

Elephant (elephant)
You're sad and in a cage
But that's irrelevant (irrelevant)
'Cause everyone gets jealous when they see me riding by
On a friend of such great size

Other kids have bikes
(That's true)
Or daddies pick them up from school
But that won't do for me, you understand (understand)

Other kids have horses
Other kids have dogs
Other kids have hamsters
Other kids have frogs

But the pet for me is something much more grand
And benevolent
And elegant
And, um

And I've got an
elephant, elephant
Riding on your back I'm in my element (element)
It's true and it's a fact that there's so much you can learn
When you're on a pakiderm

Oh, elephant (elephant)
My thoughts so bad swell of it
To give me such a friend
Oh, elephant (elephant)
I'm with you to the end
Elephant, elephant
I'm with you to the end

(Goodnight, elephant)

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    General CommentOh my effin God ! Kickass song :D

    I seriously hope they do more bits like this one.

    dag_102on November 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commentactually, it's not: "My thoughts so bad swell of it", but "Life's not so bad, it's swell of it"
    pandahoaxon December 08, 2008   Link
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    General CommentEvery time I hear this song, in my head, I see Jason Webley with two ponytails in a conjoined twin suit with Amanda Palmer.
    PiGGmalionon January 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis line:

    "My thoughts so bad swell of it
    To give me such a friend"

    is actually this:

    "Life's not so bad, it's swell-ivent
    To give me such a friend!"

    Swell-ivent! :D
    boopboopon June 29, 2010   Link
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    My Opinionpretty good song. I love it! It's like a breather from dark and haunting songs like Sandy Fishnets. I love this album, it's one of my favourite albums of all time.
    interpretationwizardon January 23, 2011   Link

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