"Ryuusei (English)" as written by Masaaki Yaguchi (pka Miya) and Tatsuro Iwakami (pka Tatsuro)....
Falling Stars

The crossties bear small flowers, the rusty tracks line up side by side
I walk barefoot on the weadows, when I incidentally look up to the moonless starry sky
A panorama of falling stars downpouring, a twinkling from some ten thousand light years
The sequined Greek mythologies color the azure clear sky (1)
My tiptoes blotted, I walk pulling your hand
With my dirtied palm as you look up to the sky

I will not forget it, the true color of the landscape that you loved
But now, even the stardust is too dazzling

Lovers swallowing back their tears and shivering
Their hands, fastened so warmly it is sad

Do not forget it, the beauty of the future of which you dreamed
A cluster of meteors, stars that vanished, your smiling face

Blame me for having blocked your sky
Now, what do you feel about the sky up to which you used to look?

Lovers swallowing back their tears and shivering
Their hands, fastened so wispily, so feebly
Your flowing tears become stars and
Fill this sky, now turning to meteors

Stars coloring the clear sky, beneath the tracks wet by the night dew
White four-petal flowers keeping alive fleetingly on the rotten crossties
As if our linked hands could never be separated
As if our linked fingers would never part

Overhead, falling stars downpour, just like an early summer rain or an evening drizzle
I walk barefoot on the fastidious ground, this railway track as my only lead
Your hand linked warmly
To my dirtied palm

I walk in this panorama of downpouring falling stars, my tiptoes blotted
As if I would never let go of your linked hand
As if our linked hearts could never be torn off

1 - I can only guess that he is refering to constellations here, since the vast majority are named after heroes or creatures of Greek mythology.

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