The door slammed loud and rose up a cloud of dust on us
Footsteps follow, down through the hollow sound, torn up.

And you will go to Mykonos
With a vision of a gentle coast
And a sun to maybe dissipate
Shadows of the mess you made

How did animals in the snow tipped pines, I find
Hatching from the seed of your thin mind, all night?

And you will go to Mykonos
With a vision of a gentle coast
And a sun to maybe dissipate
Shadows of the mess you made

Brother you don't need to turn me away
I was waiting down at the ancient gate

You go
Wherever you go today
You go today

I remember how they took you down
As the winter turned the meadow brown

You go
Wherever you go today
You go today

When a-walking brother don't you forget
It ain't often that you'll ever find a friend

You go
Wherever you go today
You go today

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"Mykonos" as written by Nicola Fasano, Stefano Bosco, Massimo Mian

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    General Comment:I think the song is about drug addiction and a friendship gone sour:
    The first verse describes an argument ending with the friend angrily storming out.
    The second verse suggests that the "snow-tipped pines" (i.e. arguments/rationalizations) of the friend are weak; they are hatched from the "seed" of a "thin mind," meaning one addled by drugs.
    The third verse says that it doesn't have to be this way. I don't know what the "ancient gate" refers to, but I'm guessing it's some sort of metaphor for forgiveness, possibly a call to go back to the old times when there no problems between them.
    Fourth verse, not sure, but I think the "took you down" line means the friend had to be forced into treatment. The meadow is probably a metaphor for their friendship, while also noting the time of year all this took place.
    Fifth verse is pretty self-explanatory, basically saying the singer's friendship shouldn't be rejected just because of whatever happened. I think the lyrics are supposed to be "out walking" or "a-walking", though. "I walking" doesn't really make sense.
    The first chorus is saying that after all the arguments, interventions, etc., the friend will now go to "Mykonos" - a metaphor for a rehab center, which are often located in quiet, secluded places. The singer is hoping that the "gentle coast" and the "sun" will help get rid of the "shadows." Great imagery, don't think I need to comment too much on the meaning.
    The second chorus is brilliantly simple - the singer is telling his friend he should accept what is happening and not fight it. In other words, he is going where he needs to be going. The "you go today" is reminiscent of something said during an intervention, where a trip to rehab can be sprung on the addict out of the blue. I think the singer is also saying that he is done with this now; the friend will go "wherever," and the singer can't be bothered cleaning up his messes anymore.

    Also, Wikipedia reveals some interesting allusions: Mykonos is a Greek island where the Gigantes rose up against the Olympian gods (Zeus, etc.) and were all slaughtered. In particular, the god Dionysus killed the Giant Eurytos with a weapon topped with a pine cone, referred to in the second verse. Perhaps pine can be a reference to another type of needle as well?

    ...Shit, didn't expect to write that much when I first started this comment :P
    Anyway, hope it was helpful!
    benjam326on June 29, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:Good song; now, instead of fellating Fleet Foxes's every word, let us discuss what the song means? Me: I have no freaking idea, that's why I'm here in the first place.
    kurashuon June 28, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:wow. best thing so far this year.
    notethetreeson April 06, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:My guess is this song is about his brother again. Reference 'Blue Ridge Mountains and especially 'He Doesn't Know Why'. Read through these lyrics and 'Mykonos' can be read as an account of the Robin's trying to stop his brother from running away from his problems again, literally and figuratively. He gives his brother's name as Sean (older brother)
    in Blue Ridge etc.

    He Doesn't Know Why, (brother reappears from one of his walkabouts?)
    Penniless & tired with your hair grown long
    I was looking at you there and your face looked wrong
    memory is a fickle siren's song I didn't understand

    In the gentle light as the morning nears
    You don't say a single word of the last two years
    Where you were or when you reached the frontier
    I didn't understand

    See you rugged hands and a silver knife
    Twenty dollars in your hand that you hold so tight
    All the evidence of your vagrant life
    My brother you were gone

    And you will try to do what you did before
    Pull the wool over your eyes for a week or more
    Let your family take you back to your original mind

    Blue Ridge Mountains (partial)
    My brother where do you intend to go tonight?
    I heard that you missed your connecting flight,
    to the blue ridge mountains, over near Tennessee.

    You're ever welcome with me any time you like,
    Let's drive to the country side, leave behind some green-eyed look-a-likes,
    So no one gets worried, no.
    So no one gets worried, no.

    But Sean don't get callous,
    I'm sure it'll be fine.
    I love you, I love you,
    Old brother of mine.
    grelchon September 01, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:I've listened to the song like 50 times, I've heard all the live version I can find on YouTube.

    He clearly says "Pallid animals in the snow tipped pines."
    Cilogyon October 11, 2009   Link
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    General Comment:Best thing in like 5 years.
    cromnion April 13, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:"Brother you don't need to turn me away
    I was waiting down at the ancient gate"

    Christ, the shivers this sends down my spine. Notethetrees and Cromni are 100% correct. I LONG to see this live.
    Arrianon May 11, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:amazement. Fleet Foxes are masters of the word. brilliant songwriting.
    IronTimmaon May 26, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:I am 98% sure it's "
    The door slam loud and ROSE up a cloud of dust on us"
    samuelhgarfieldon June 11, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:I don't know about meaning but after I found this song I had the most unusual thing happen to me.

    After this paritcular embarassing night with my old friend Dyonisus where he convinced me to throw my keys in the Zumbro river and and to test the consistency of plaster with my right hand, I found this song.

    That day I listened to this song several times, went running to it- great combination of endorphins - sincapations - emotions you know. I went to this rugby game, my roomate Dingo was there I had to get the house key. I don't like him that much anymore too anal. But he loaned me his Volkswagon and key and introduced my to his friend Pete.

    Pete looks pretty much like the bearded figures on the sides of Greek pottery or mosaic- and this little seed began to grow- but he is not Greek and he is the biggest liar. He claimed to have been A Golden Gloves champ twice, Dingo said there was no way.

    So listening to the Foxes' Sun Giant through the day drinking Bloody Marys I am reaching far back into the primordial experience where I turned myself into a Deamon. Visions and Archetypes of the Ancient purpose I saw hanging by only a thread of consciousness made my heart pump adrenaline and justifying my Ego to believe I was the chosen one. My Pain Body was in dire need of a full stomach that day but I was saved by this song playing on my I-pod shuffle.

    It didn't stop there- that night I dreamed I shut this door to a scene much like the album cover. The dust is what I remembered most. The severity of the door slamming closed rose up a cloud of dust. Not rows - rose-

    maybe just addiction- maybe the closure.... I don't know Aubrey stopped calling the day before, I lost my only programmable key to my Focus. I had to make friends with my roomate Dingo and his friend Greek Pete

    There's nothing I can say is there?

    But the dream I had was so real I tell you. The dust filled my lungs and me with the closeness to something more ancient- singular in universal experience. The history of the purpose.


    Several days ago The Current mentioned Fleet Foxes and I saw this fox run across the road then back again into the corn field. Why?

    A week earlier I am taking Naomi (Imoan backwards) home for the first time- shouldn't have been driving. Count em! Five of Victory's Golden Monkeys. And the current plays Mykonos in this incredible rainstorm on our first night. Why?

    Still today after another night with my protector. I am in Best Buy and looky there it's Fleet Foxes on sale for $11.99 And I am hear in my family's home listening to He Doesn't Know Why.

    OliverJameson July 27, 2008   Link

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