Dear you,
Do you remember that starless night some September?
When we sat out on my back porch with all of our Pokemon cards
Back before we knew of life and the things that it could do
You told me then that we’d always be best friends
And you gave me that Clefairy as a sign of something
We didn’t know just yet
We would always be…

Do you remember when you first beat Ocarina of Time
You just had to run and tell Jeremy, even though he was still asleep
Like all teenagers are at eleven in the morning
There were more games that came after that
As we learned the in and outs of Nintendo
And then Sony
Loving every second of it
From Digimon World to Battlefield 2
We were the kings of our controllers
Yet you always seemed to beat me…

Do you remember those countless days we’d spend making up stories
We were so original with our imagination
Your couch was a car; it was our own little world
Those extendable lightsabers you used to have made us Jedi
Or Sith, depending on our mood
We were just so cool…

Do you remember those days we would spend
At the New Jersey shore
When we were younger and would jump through the waves
Remember those jellyfish graves? The gulls used to love that
When we started to notice the girls, lying in their summer suits
We knew we had finally grown up
But so had they
Then that summer so many years ago
And that one precious line from Grind I was planning to use on a girl, any girl
As we followed the boardwalk to the Heights
“Do you wanna’ make out?”
It was that weekend I met her and I’ll never forget her
But some things are just never meant to be…
Do you remember when you started to fall in love with cars?
It rubbed off on me to an extent though I still can only tell a car by its logo
You collected all those models from your favorite movies
The Eclipse Spyder and the Lancer, along with that Skyline
You know I couldn’t tell a carburetor from supercharger, I still can’t
But that was okay with you
You put up with everything I didn’t know
Until you were gone in sixty seconds…

Do you remember when I visited your new house?
The plane ride was worth it, even though I ended up missing the Warped Tour
I caught a glimpse of your new life, your new friends
Minnesota is just so far away, but it’s all that I can do
To hope you’re happy
We just sat in your basement, playing video games
Like we always have
It was like nothing had changed…

Do you remember those days when we were living the jokes we would laugh at today
But we’re not laughing today, at least not together
I thought best friends meant forever…

The one you left behind

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