"And i worry" as written by and Ryan Ferguson....
I’ve been getting fed up.
Oh, so sick of this big fake smile.
When they say, “You with your juvenile noise,
time to grow up, you’re in denial.”
If I was starving for fame, to get my name in big bright lights,
I’d go charter a small plane and fall out of the sky.
And you’ve been licking your red lips so long waiting just for this.
My hands have been keeping my mouth shut
from everything spilling out.
Despite all the shame I’ve already caused,
get ready for more. I’m numb to the pain that rattles my bones.
Yeah, I have felt this before.
And I worry that you’re on to me.
I’m your prey, your own casualty.
It’s funny how fate saves us in ways so unpredictable.
And in the end, you will never get back what you put in.
Despite all the shame I’ve already caused,
get ready for war.
I’m numb to the pain that rattles my bones.
Yeah, I have felt this before.

Three, Four (EP), 2005

Suddenly, I just found myself waiting for the phone to ring
And I‘m hiding out simply ‘cuz it’s scaring me
Not relying on the people that I ought to be
Another month or two of everybody testing me
And it’s time.
So much to do, I’ll be lucky just to open up this parachute
As we’re falling closer I’ll be holding onto you
Wake me up when it is over if I get through
And all the things to you I promised will be coming soon
And it’s time.
I’m tired of writing on the back of these postcards
Describing everything that you’ve missed so far
I’m kicking this bad habit on my own
I’m not surprised, that it’s never obvious to all the other guys
When I’m with you I’m invisible, it’s my disguise
Everybody get behind me, you can form a line
Just hope you’re comfortable standing there your whole life.

So what the hell do we know?
Our response is much too slow and questions linger still
Everybody’s waiting for you to come back laughing
After fucking with us all
Should I have been easier on you?
After you suffered more than anyone
Never did I under-estimate you, I never did once
I wish there was a reason for taking one from me
Boy, you put up one good fight
Everybody’s praying
You’re somewhere up there sailing over us tonight
I never did once, not on my watch

Any way, I can help you through the day
I for one, know the sun, so I’ll tell him to stay out
This letter grade, you got an ”A”, congratulate yourself kid
Would I have known that today’s your birthday?
I’ve been sitting here all day thinking that today’s your worst day
We’ll celebrate and stay up late, and watch our favorite TV show
Would you know, it was cancelled yesterday
We’ll get that guy, who threw that rock into my windshield
I can only ask why he wouldn’t give a shit about how he thinks I’d feel
And no one can describe, as patient as I am, how bad I want this deal
So we’ll get that guy who threw that rock into my windshield
Yesterday all across the state, on the news they showed your face
And your name, your hiding place, and I’m afraid it’s too late
By the way, at the bottom of the page
On the line, I signed your name and your whole life away

I don’t mind if you sit beside me in everything we do
To some, it’s nothing new
Would you wait for me there - You said you would so
Would you wait for me there - I thought that I could
In a way it’s official, nothing’s really changing at all
But they’ll miss her, of course they will
If you recall what I asked you in summertime
And if you don’t know it already, I’ve got something in mind.

What an awful start to this New Year for us all
We’re picking up the pieces of our hearts that broke apart
So here’s to all your courage and your strength for fighting hard
For everybody loves you, you’re the namesake in our hearts
And it’s gonna be fine over time
Memories of climbing trees on Elvira Street
Sinking our feet into the sand at Redondo Beach
And though our one & only is gone
We need you to keep carrying on
Cause you’re the one we look up to
I won’t stop praying for you
And it’s gonna be fine over time

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    General CommentTo me the song is about a relationship thats gone bad.
    Both are still friends though.

    She is over it and wants him to be over it.

    He pretends to be happy in front of her "oh so sick of this big fake smile"
    And he doesnt like pretending to be happy and over it in front of her.

    He doesnt feel she understnads him.

    He's held back this for a long time and lets it out and creates alot of drama. Which she hates now. And he's probably going to do it agian. (despite all the shame i've already caused get ready for more)

    Now hes created a cycle that where he fakes happy then he shows his real feelings. And repeats that cycle.

    He worry's that she has figured out how he is really feeling. (and i worry your on to me)
    ajslikes2argueon March 12, 2008   Link

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