A stranger reaching out for your hand
An outlaw after hours leaning in
So if you see me acting out...understand
To be left out in the snow without a coat
Can do bad things to a man

Strand and my insides are burning up
Outdoors catching cold, breathing smoke
So if you set me off I'll burst into flames
Well it's a baptism by fire, breathe in the heat
This does odd things to a man and
Love is strange

Skeleton man he says "I don't care"
A chest left empty of the heart's affairs
Well, it can carry other things that weigh much less
And a head all hollowed out leaves me alone
And I can get some rest

Secrets, little secrets, when I'm not here
And skeleton men and friends reappear
So if you see me acting out, you should know
Hands and knees knelt down and scraped, skin replaced bone
I once was a skeleton
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

When someone loves you very much
You're fucked

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    General CommentI think that the third stanza talks about how "Skeleton Man" since he is a skeleton, he is free from the "heart's affairs" and he has a head all hollowed out, so he can get some rest idk, I'm fishing here haha
    TyTheGuyon October 28, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationExcuse me if this is a little choppy,
    first time doing this...

    I think this song is more generally about the double-edged nature of love. When one is "left out in the cold without a coat," away from their lovers warmth,it "can do bad things to a man."

    Alone, Empty and staring into the depths of nothingness, you're "stranded and [your] insides are burning up" but on the outside it's cold, as you sit and smoke the millionth cigarette of the evening. If she (or he) "sets [you] off [you will] burst into flames." But it will be a "baptism by fire, as you breath in the heat." This quasi-biblical reference perhaps refers to an uplifting rebirth, since the next line refers to love being "a strange thing" it reflects the double-edged nature of love. It has the potential to liberate, make one feel whole but at the same time cold and desperate. (perhaps this “baptism of fire” is what creates the “skeleton man” I’m not sure, could be a double reference)

    The skeleton man, though – he is not bothered by the organly virtue of love – “a chest left empty of the hearts affairs,” he says “I don’t care.” The skeleton is strong absent the burden of love, he can “carry other things that weigh much less.” (suggesting that love is the heaviest burden to carry) but “a head hollowed out leaves me alone”-- no longer plagued by the incessant thoughts and desires for his lover – he can finally “get some rest”

    I’m not sure what the significance of “secrets, little secrets when I’m not here… and skeleton men and friends re-appear.” But the repetition of the “if you see me acting out, you should know” refers to the rebirth of love within the subject and his neurotic response to it’s lack. The last two lines refers to the physical death of the skeleton man (in a perhaps peculiar significant way – “hands and knees knelt down” [biblical reference?]). The subject then boldly laughs and declares “he once was a skeleton” perhaps suggesting that the form of anesthesized life without love that the skeleton man lived was safe and not burdensome, but perhaps those are the things that make life worth living.
    All in all, the last two lines of the song summarize the dualistic confusing nature of love:
    “when someone loves you,
    you’re fucked.”
    zarathustra91on January 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think you're right, very clever!

    Sounds like he's describing how cold relationships in the past have made him callous in the metaphor of a heartless skeleton. Then he meets someone who starts the "skin replacing bone," but then the "little secrets while I'm not here" begins to bring him back to his skeleton ways.
    shmortisborgon November 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think you are right to a point, shmortisborg. I think the skeleton ways he describes /are/ the result of past relationships. However, when someone began to love him, skin replaced his bones. As a result, he became vulnerable once again. He was fucked.
    sunsglowon December 23, 2008   Link

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