"Seven" as written by and Darren Hill Craig David....
[Verse 1: Planetary]

Yeah! Yo, uh,
A lotta rappers try approaching the omen,
My palms are punishin' people while I'm up at the podium,
Pharaohs folding 'em, like washed clothes again,
I'm a vulture when the flow go choke your kid,
Broke, I leave most of them, slow, I keep my motionin'
Eye on the prize,
I silence the wise, with lyrics make a scientist cry,
Making a secret society expose they purpose,
Making 'em unleash info and exploding my surface,
I'm taking my time to birth this, rap entity earthless,
It's show time, there's no time, we ready when the curtain split,
I'm hurting shit, too powerful for painkillers
On the concrete jungle, we walk like trained guerrillas
Untamed, and my niggas is Kane
Kool G, Rakim, combine into one frame
We like the new mecca of immaculate rappers,
Vinnie Paz, call the ghouls, now we back with the clappers.

[Verse 2: Chief Kamachi]

The man silent, kill him with what I mentally says,
Bloody Fez, choke you like an Indian res
Kamach, animal Turk, sick with a cannibal smirk,
Welcome, this where the murderers lurk,
It's my mind, to make sure that the Sun can work,
Scorch bodies, leave all of your gunmen hurt,
Pharaoh sultans, create a serious cult jam,
And my hand is where the tears of the pope ran,
They stay watching like they keep me on a scope cam,
I'm in heaven with the angels and smoke grams,
You need God, that's why the earth so damned,
International, trying to get my flow banned,
That`s cool, if I don`t kick these prayers,
A lot of floods and famine's gonna hit these years,
Kamachi back on the chapel stairs,
Open the clouds, let the thunder clap your ears. (Chyea!)

[Verse 3: King Syze]

If you wanna put your money up then muthafucka then put it,
for your families sanity man I wish that you wouldn't,
Niggas got nice flows, just don't know where to put it,
And I know your whole life your raps are edited footage,
Hey y'all mixtape niggas couldn't see my plateaus,
All up in my presence why y'all actin bashful,
King Syze cats and any clique they rap for,
y'all little light niggas couldn't feed my shadows,
From, city to city, intersection to session,
What you reflexin, with or without a weapon,
I'm always steppin, Never scared,
But always and forever prepared,
Yeah the ones who drink gas man, is revvin' they gears.

[Verse 4: Reef the Lost Cauze]

You now rocking with the foulest clique in the continent,
Total dominance, rise to prominence,
In my prime like Optimus,
Stand in astonishment,
Act as conglomerate, an axis of evil,
I know where Osama is, he down in Camp David,
Down and dirty like a damp basement,
The champ must demand greatness,
From himself, or be another contender,
There's 100's of niggas,
Dead left under the river,
From the days of slaves,
To Hurricanes in Orleans,
See my peoples graves floatin amongst,
the waves, there's hell to pay, but
the devil don't take checks,
I try to send a message to God,
his phone don't take text,
I need a new plan, a crook with knowledge,
times is hard homie, why I took them dollars,
Man, my momma got a mortgage,
and my little baby sista' need books for college,
I rob all y'all.

[Verse 5: Doap Nixion]

Hey yo,
They want the hood in here so they called me first,
I get em rappers Gatorade cuz they ball with thirst, UH!
This is more then music,
but these niggas is mad trash,
that's why the stores refuse em, yo,
I'm out in Georgia goin straight to the block,
I'm seein cats motorcyclin dawg I'm doin the wop,
I'm an OG, I call my Italian niggas a wop,
though they papers aint right but they got weight on the block,
I love em uh,
hand to hand till your hands ache,
I drunk so much syrup dawg I stop eatin pancakes,
Ya niggas cool dawg mines absurd hot,
Stop frontin like you's a killa money your nerves shot,
Yo you's a paxel Nigga, Dumpin Zoloft in coffee,
AOTP will exhaust b,
cant keep it gear, cuz I'm blinging with F's,
but I got my mind right so swing your shit to the left.

[Verse 6: Demoz]

Nigga, If I had 24 hours to live,
Fuck 24 hours, gimme 24 seconds,
Vin I'm drivin off a bridge,
Broken rib, no windshield, covered in kerosene,
gasoline, tank filled to the top,
magazines of these phony rappers ripped in pieces,
No preachers, strong enough to take me outta my zone,
I broke jesus, choke niggas who squeal,
rob niggas who steal, kill niggas who kill,
I'm too sick for a pill,
Man these niggas aint real they real fake,
they say they a man but they fuckin' with real snakes,
thats when you put em in a trunk with they grill taped,
Whip in reverse and run into a steel gate,
I'm a suicide driver, never been a liar,
If I don't kill you later I'ma kill you "Manana",
y'all don't want know problems,
y'all don't want no drama,
Nigga I'ma take a trip with your baby momma, Suicide Driver.

[Verse 7: Celph Titled]

Ya betta cross your T's,
Cuz we'll dot your eyes,
You can say that you specialize but Pharaohs will optimize,
Backstage will get a bitch backsmacked there,
The macplayer like dirty south pimpslapped clap snares, (YEAAH)
Holy Paragraphs, (What kind of shit is that?)
I'm jesus in the flesh so this is muthafuckin Christian rap,
Y'all just Christmas wrap, must be the secret Santa,
my reindeer aim near, pierce you with the antlers,
I made em go easy, and called off the wolves on my AOTP radio CB,
Cuz y'all ain't worthy of grenades and RPG's,
Slit throat hope you float with sardines and seaweed,
Cuz this is C-E, L-P-H
Demonic symphony, listen to the hell we make,
And a year before your kids 10th birthday came,
You didn't have to wait for candles on the cake to see the nine flame.

[Verse 8: Vinnie Paz]

Respect a G, my clique clap at you incessantly,
I lay back and drink alcohol excessively,
There ain't a rapper that's alive today that's testing me,
I got degrees in being ignorant and weaponry,
A 40 oz and a dutch master is the recipe,
That's my shit there that'll be the death of me,
Give me a death mask, better yet a effigy,
I understand the math of death and it's complexity,
I understand how you was violently murdered,
I understand how you was raised under the lies of the church, (ha-ha-ha-ha)
But understand and recognize that I'm cursed,
With the ability to end your fucking lives with a verse.

Brraat brraaat!!
Paz-man, AOTP, Ill Bill on the beat
Billy Crystal, what up baby? La Coka!
AOTP, ha ha ha.

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  • 0
    General Commentwow... i didn't even get through all that rubbish but that comment was waste of your time and mine for reading it. "Nigga-bang-your-head-because-you-have-nothing-better-to-do"
    that line says it all... you disgust me. So ignorant. This song is so insane! there's so many unbelievable and witty lines in this song that I wouldn't expect a person like you to understand. How about this.... get signed to a label... make a cd... and then talk shit. Until you can do that your opinion means nothing.... how come babies crawl before they walk? go take your negativity elsewhere.
    sclocalon August 05, 2008   Link
  • 0
    General Commentheruberon is a fucking gay faggot. i have a ton i'll rip your ass for when i get back for school but right now it's probably pretty important for me to get ready. anyway, just trust me that i'm right, you're wrong, etc. it'll be a pleasure chewing into your stupid ass comment when i get back.
    buggie92on January 04, 2010   Link
  • 0
    General CommentNo need to attack people too harshly, explain why Herubeorn is wrong, maybe he will take another look at AOTP. If you start yelling faggot this and that, people aint ever gonna listen to your point of view. You back them into a corner they get more defensive and what your saying reaffirms their world view that everyone who listens to rap/hip-hop is stupid.
    Satanarchiston October 20, 2010   Link
  • 0
    General CommentAnother killer posse cut from AOTP. Great song.
    SirZapdoson November 27, 2010   Link
  • -2
    General CommentLook how many people who listens to this genre of music actually cares about song-lyrics. In the metal genre, (where the lyrics REALLY matter) everyone has an opinion of how the lyrics are supposed to be interpreted. Lets take an example, lets say.... uh In Flames.. :)
    If you add the number of comments to each song, you'll get a pretty high mean value. The number of comments change from 4 to 119, but average is about 20. That means that In Flames has about 20000% more comments than AOTP because they have a poor result of 0,1 responses on each song. (actually, there has only been 1 response before me, and that doubles the average value!)
    Enough of these statistics, lets head for the lyrics!
    .... I can't write this with a straight face. Just forget it. Lets accept this folks. People who listens to this genre which I immaturely call "Nigga-bang-your-head-because-you-have-nothing-better-to-do" don't really listens to lyrics. They think the rhythm is cool and chill down in their favorite chair. People who listens to this kind of music are as interested in lyrics as a blind guy is to colour-television shows. Why should I even write this down!
    Maybe I should give this lyric a chance. I admit that you can find a heap of gold on the bottom of a lake filled with garbage (Yes, I talk about mainstream music!)
    My critics: (Yes, I care for ethical values etc etc)
    1. The lyrics should open your mind.
    2. The lyrics need a reason to be written down (If the reason is "Yeah, I need some dough, I just make a crappy text and add a nice music video with hot chicks" etc, you fail)
    3. The lyrics should affect you in a positive way.
    That's 3 simple rules. And now, on with THIS lyric.
    OK, after the first verse I must say I was a bit impressed. I thought that this band was something apart from those "Nigga-bang-your-head-because-you-have-nothing-better-to-do"-bands.
    I feel that they want to revolutionize the "Nigga-etc"-band-lyrics. I was REALLY ready to take them seriously. So, a big A+ for trying to be something different than a "nigga"-band.
    Sadly, they don't follow up on the second and third verse. I feel that I have been here before. It's like someone promise me a Lamborghini, but when I finally get the car keys, the only place the keys fit to is in that metal scrap that only by accident has to be called a car. The lyric doesn't follow up it's expectations. The verses are full of rhymes that don't make sense.
    BUT, the fourth verse was promising. I feel the lyric is a punch at the USA about the the war in the middle east and the bad preparation of the Orleans hurricane catastrophe .
    The fifth and sixth verse is junk. Somehow, they don't keep it up. Take me for example. I can sprint a hundred meters, but i cannot complete a whole marathon. It's like this lyric is trying to sprint from Moscow to Madrid. And it is destined to L-O-S-E.
    Suddenly in the seventh and eighth verse, they are criticizing Christianity. I felt somehow that this lyric has felt to the bottom of Lake Shittyness. Why you say? Well, because 1. : Criticizing any religion without explaining what kind of theme this band don't like is like giving a carpenter a hammer for Christmas. ( It makes no sense)
    2. It's not professionally done.
    The band I know for sure that has indirectly criticized Christianity is U2 and the song is Sunday Bloody Sunday. And for those who doesn't know what the song is about, here is a link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…

    And guys, that is how it's done with STYLE! That means, this song is a big FAILURE! I don't feel it backs up with the criticism I need to approve this band to be mediocre. The lyric is too long and I feel I have read those words for nothing.
    Well, music is music. "nigga"-fanboys are all around and they will probably defend their "nigga"-stars because of their style and hip choice of words and the neat rhythm. I must day that if you put a mentally handicapped kid on a mix-board, you will probably have the same rhythm as these guys have.
    I believe songs should be criticized by the lyrics and the music. And it should be judged equally. (Means that lyrics are as important as the music)
    So here we go! My score: Lyric: an E because the fourth verse wasn't bad. (Too bad rest of it was shit)
    Music: a big F for Failure
    Result: an E, because i don't want to give them a F. Since I feel they really want to fail with style, I wont give them the credit ;)

    Excuse me for all my grammar mistakes. I wrote this somewhere between 03.50- 04.30. I am tired and drunk ( I guess that is the only reason I wrote about this band and not In Flames)
    Herubeornon June 12, 2008   Link

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