Fast cars hot bitches, hot bitches fast cars
Fast car hot bitches, hot cars fast bitches

This is what it's like when you come into town
All these bitches and hos and pimps around
Every single motherfucker belongs to me
'Cause I'm a rapper with obscene amounts of money
How'd I get so rich? I don't even know
I just talk into a mic, now I'm rollin' in the dough
I got more bling on my thing than on anyone's ring
When I go into a club all you hear is "cha-ching"
Pimp my ride? Fuck I pimped my house
I got 20 inch rims on my toaster and spouse
Got a spoiler on my mower, hydraulics in my bed
And neons on my fridge
That change from orange to red
I'm a motherfuckin genuine thug
Bought a vacuum cleaner that'll clean the shit
Out of anyone's rug
When I go window shopping, I buy fucking windows
Then I buy some curtains for the windows
When I say "I'm just looking", I mean I'm just looking
At all this shit that I'm about to buy
I just get whatever the fuck, don't even know why
In my life, the money has gotten me far
And I can afford an orchestra to play for half a bar

I get all the love 'cause of all of my money
And just last night I had sex with Bugs Bunny
He's not even real, I paid to bring him to life
Then I killed him, and fucked his wife
I got so much money to use my time
I pay heaps of people to come over, and then stand in a line
Then I make them change the order of the people in the line
It's a fucking waste of my money and my time
I'm so loaded I can use the same line
And just change it a bit to make it rhyme
I don't even need to make shit rhyme
That's how rich I am, fuck fuck orange, yeah
Let's see you rhyme some shit with orange, bitch
Shit no it wasn't always this way
I grew up in the ghetto of the motherfucking bay
I'm a nice guy, give my money to the needy
Like my left hand, my right hand, and Mr. Teeny
Mr. Teeny is the name my bitch gave to my dong
That's why I rap about how much money I got
'Cause I'm really self-conscious
About the size of my schlong
Being so big I mean, and shit

I'm so rich I eat diamonds for breakfast
Milk and honey?
Fuck off and gimme some more money
I drink 4000 year old scotch
Mother fuck they didn't even have scotch 4000 years ago
Had to buy some shit to go back into time
So it can age nice and slow
I invented forks
And I can say shit like that and nobody will disagree
If they do I'll get my crew to make sure they'll be
Swimming with the fishes, see
And I can have sex with whatever and whoever
Regardless of species, gender, age, and race
I just give the lawyers millions of dollars
And they get the fuck off my case
Hippity hippity hop hop, hippity hop whop
Fuck I'm rich
Holy shit you just can't imagine how rich I am, it's bad
Povery, starving kids, charity?
Fuck that shit it don't make me sad
If they wanna stop starving and being poor
Just go get some money, simple as that
Least they don't have to worry
About getting fucking fat

And I am, whatever you say I am
If I'm not, I'll pay you till you say I am

Lyrics submitted by L-Kyne

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