"The Healer" as written by Erica Wright, Malcolm Robert Andrew Mclaren, Daniel Bangalter and Otis Lee Jr. Jackson....
Alhamdulillah Allah Jehovah
Yahweh Dios Ma'at Jah
Rastafari fyah dance, sex, music, hip-hop

It's bigger than religion
It's bigger than my nigga
It's bigger than the government
This one is fa' Dilla, hip-hop

We ain't dead said the children don't believe it
We just made ourselves invisible
Underwater, stove-top, blue flame scientists
Come out with your scales up
Get baptized in the ocean of the hungry

My niggas turn in to gods
Walls come tumblin'

Alhamdulillah Allah Jehovah
Yahweh Dios Ma'at Jah
Rastafari fyah dance, sex, music, hip-hop

It's bigger than religion
It's bigger than my nigga
It's bigger than the government
This one is the healer, hip-hop

Told you we ain't dead yet
We been livin' through your internet
You don't have to believe everything you think
We've been programmed wake up, we miss you
They call you indigo, we call you Africa
Go get baptized in the ocean of the people
Say reboot, refresh, restart
Fresh page, new day, O.G.'s, new key

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"The Healer" as written by Malcolm Robert Andrew N Mclaren Otis Lee N Jackson Jr

Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, SEPTEMBER MUSIC CORP C/O MEMORY LANE MUSIC

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    Song MeaningTo understand what she is talking about here you would have to know a lil bit bout da 5%er nation. You see she makes refrences to black men "niggas" turn into gods. This to me is a message from her as on of the 5%ers that they are not dead, they just decided to make themselves "invisible", meaning they have become less mainstream than they were before... Thats just scratching the surface here, I have to do more research and try to break down the message here...
    REDorbon October 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is amazing
    i think the meaning is that music (not just hip hop) is bigger than everything
    it brings all kinds of people together who have nothing else in common
    also i think "the healer" she's talking about is hip hop/music

    "music is what feelings sound like"
    scrumptiouson October 04, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think "niggas" turning into gods is about rappers turning into those idols, snce hiphop = religion for some of us, and the walls break down cos hiphop is everywhere
    madameon January 31, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTo me this is a spiritual song, a song of deep truth. in the first verses she brings together gods of many religions and ideologies, as if saluting them all with respect in the knowledge that they are all rooted in the same truth and underlying oneness.

    she has deep love for her community and her niggas but like she says "It's bigger than my niggas", what she's singing about isn't exclusive to them, it's bigger than culture, it's about the one race of men. "It's bigger than the government" = bigger than mans futile attempt to govern each other and impose order and rules. "Bigger than religion" = institutionalized religion is pretty widely cited as the destroyer of true spirituality, so this truth she sings about transcends religious constructs which turn people away from truth.

    "we ain't dead said the children don't believe it
    we just made ourselves invisible"

    this to me symbolizes the human condition of our age, most go through life mechanically, complitely lost in thought and routine, either living in the past or dreaming of the future, rarely in touch with the eternally present now moment, the only moment where life exists. brainwashed since childhood and violently defending beliefs that were never ours in the first place, lost in intellect and knowledge and rationalising. one could say that we are dead. and that could be a very depressing thought, but a-ha, don't you believe it, children of the Earth! "WE just made ourselves invisible!" don't get depressed because we choce this

    and with that she brings the power back to us, as it was us that chose to go through all this suffering, this ignorance, this Dark Night of the Soul as some call it, for our benefit, for the purpose of growth, the evolution of our consciousness.

    "we've been livin' through the internet, you don't have to believe everything you think, we've been programmed" And here it's so obvious when you know about these things.

    now for a rapnews quote about the internet "the internet: this one narrow bandwidth, this one legitimate open channel to transmit locally, globally, unrestricted" "the internet - unprecedented global community, an epochal evolution, telepathic synapse, while all major media sources have been hijacked. picture this as we part: our perception of reality expressed as a chart; we've lost TV to Murdoch, the press to the sharks; This internet our last channel to connect to the mark."

    so what she means by "we've been living through the internet" is that the ancient knowledge of the truth has survived through internet as most of the awakened ones of our generation have been able to connect to it thanks to the internet. it's the only remaining free frequency where you can find unbiased and "alternative" information.

    and we should go looking for it becaaause "you don't have to believe everything you think, we've been programmed" when the truth was lost, we became lost to ourselves, the truth in ourselves, and since then we've identified more and more with our thoughts and beliefs and our ego, believing in them and defending them as we mistake these for our identity, which has lead to us losing all our power and becoming quite selfish, arrogant, lonely and fundamentally disgruntled with living. when in fact, we all got the average beliefsystem package programmed into us, it was all conditioning and deliberate deception by the elite that in secret imposed itself to govern all mankind with the plan to enslave us all in their new world order.

    "wake up, we miss you
    they call you indigo, we call you africa"

    this is everything any spiritually aware person would say. she tells us to wake up from this oblivion, remember what we forgot and lost, come back to the knowledge and the truth. "indigo children" is a name used by some spiritual people, but it's just a label that means beings, generally young people, who've come to this planet specifically to aid this process of evolution in our consciousness. they are old, very developed souls who've come to earth to assist us with their higher frequency energy. they have come from a place of unconditional love and oneness to this hellhole to help us, and the energies of our society can be very hard on them. they are misfits and loners, who've never felt comfortable here and never felt like they belonged. africa is where humans originated from, so i understand why "we call you africa" it's the re-emergence of humanity. we are coming back.

    "go get baptized in the ocean of the people" baptised in the ocean of the people could mean something like, instead of false gods, we realise ourselves as gods. we are not getting baptised (religious ceremony to false god) to a bearded man in the sky to become holy. she's telling the indigos to go interact with other people(and possibly specifically the awakened people), we are innately holy, we the humans are the gods.

    "say reboot, refresh, restart
    fresh page, new day, o.g.'s, new key..."

    we leave this age of suffering behind us and begin again with pure hearts and minds, in the age of aquarius.

    that's what i get from this song. it is a great healer, that's for sure! tremendous song telling us to look past our differences and search the truth so we can survive and enter a new age of love together.

    could be about 5% nation as i had no clue what that was and just read about it and that sounds just about right!
    cidpon November 03, 2011   Link

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