Passed out at noon
You woke up in a waiting room
Full of blurry magazines

You tried to focus and read
but you were excited to meet your maker

The room slowly emptied of blurry blank faces
Until you at last, heard them call out your name

But when they showed you in
You didn't meet your maker
Just a group like you
Holding short straws

And then the office fell
Into the hold of the calico
[Wear black, sandman flipped on a
bid where you roam]?

His click click ticked on with no talk
To the beak of a feeding chicken
Who's pecking at his feed
With his beak on the bottom of his cage
At a pace you were sticking too

Until through storms of feathers
You arrive at a coast on the edge of Lanai
Where there's one remaining flame
Black man took yours and set them on fire

And left you there with your makeshift torches
Said: "Wait just a little more
And soon you'll see your maker
In the flickering lights."

Before some time
Your torches die
And it was pitch, cold
Dark black

So when the white mask
So when the white mask
Came at last
It was out of sight
So when the white mask
Came at last
It was out of sight
Devil out of sight

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    Song MeaningIt sounds like a near-death experience to me. The guy's in a hospital waiting room, then he goes through a really trippy experience that sounds kind of like the Greek representation of death (standing on a bank in the dark) and talks about meeting God, until he sees a white mask. Possibly a doctor's mask? It's just a wild guess, but that's my interpretation.
    dramaelfon April 23, 2011   Link
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    General Commentsuch an amazing song. Thee More shallows is one of those great bands that no one knows about. We gotta spread the word. Check out The Winter Sounds if you have not all ready. They are amazing
    Bovine Publicon June 25, 2008   Link

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