I stopped by the party, but it felt so draining so I left early
Tried to get some sleep
I’ve been feeling lonely, yeah lately I’ve been feeling so goddamn worried
All I do is weep

I’ve been searching for a grand plan that I can open like a perfect key
Some kind of future safety I can guarantee

But I got the kind of fire that will never fuel me
I got imagination that will never fool me
Got the kind of water that will never cool me down
I want the kind of time that will never leave me
Want the kind of truth that will never deceive me
Want the kind of words, the kind of prayer so when I’m falling through the air
It will take me back to the ground

I tried to say the right thing, but the bullshit only leaves me feeling wary
I didn’t make a sound
I tried drinking the poison but the ease it lasted only temporarily
I said don’t look down

If I could be the creator of a greater calculator where the operations save my soul
Then I could rule my life like a remote control

But I got the kind of breeze that will never chill me
Got the kind of kiss that will never thrill me
Got the kind of wine that will never fill me up
I want the kind of light that will never reach me
Want the kind of god that will never teach me
Want the kind of pain that will always leave me numb

But it all fades when you’re in my arms, yeah I know fire burns but so does living
And if it hurts too much to swallow it, well I say follow it ‘cause it’s what we’re given
Or hand me down some kind of shield to keep my love concealed, defend my heart
The sweetest love is venomous and some tenderness is razor sharp

I got the kind of blood that will never mend me
Got the kind of skin that will never defend me
Got the kind of heart that always tends to break
I want the kind of lover who will never need me
Want the kind of promise that will never mislead me
Want the kinds of road I can roam that will always lead me home
No matter which path I take

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Light That Will Never Reach Me song meanings
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