"Boyfriend/Girlfriend" as written by and James C. Moore Sugar Pie Desanto....
Lately, I been thinking bout you going crazy,
Cant go on without you in my life its true
Wat you wanna do
U can be my boyfriend
I can be your girlfriend

[Verse 1: bo q]
Here there q-tip? ha whats the deal?
Had to let you know how I feel,
Had a bunch of girls, but I'ma keep it real,
Them otha chicken-heads couldn't foot the bill,
But you, its somethin' about ya baby,
What it is? I don't know,
Maybe cause ya body just right,
Wit a sexy smile,
And you know how to get that dough,
Plus the heart for red just like bo ("q"),
Feel me up, when I'm feelin' low,
When I'm home or out the road, no questions asked,
You know its on as soon as I hit the door, (fa sho!)
And I need that on my team,
Baby you was made for me,
Had somethin' on my mind,
And forgot what it was, and thats because...


[Verse 2: gator]
Oh wee! look at that there,
Call me sunny, I need my share,
Love a (spring?) red-bone, with long hair,
Got her act together like a broad wit a ?,
You the only one for me, I'm the only one for u
Ain't nobody gon take yo place,
Take a look at my myspace page,
She the numba' position on my top 8,
Lets go somewhere, and chill
Baby girl got, sex appeal
I'ma show you, how I feel
Never met a woman so real
And thats fa sho, I take ya to the mall ona shoppin' spree,
Spendin' that dough, it ain't tricky? if you got it and I got this cheese..


[Bridge 1:]
See I want us, to be in a relationship,
Are you ready baby? lets go steady baby,
I want you, and if you want me to,
You should be my boyfriend, I can be yo girl friend

[Verse 3: kenny kold]
Shawty I cant waste no time,
You know you been on my mind,
In the morning, when I sleep at night,
When I work, you there and it ain't no lie
At first I ain't wanna sweat ya,
Now it feel like I'm under pressure,
We was cool ass friends,
Now what the deal is?
I don't know but I gots ta get ya


[Bridge 2:]
See I can foot the bill,
You know I keep it real,
And when you come up off the road,
You got somewhere to chill,
Make me ya lady,
You'll be my man,
Its obvious that I should be ya girlfriend!


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"Boyfriend/Girlfriend" as written by Sugar Pie Desanto James C. Moore


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    General Commenti am addicted to this song. it's my new favorite.

    anyways.... they both like each other and want to go out with one another. but their just talking write now and waiting for the other to make the first move.
    katherine_gon March 09, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI love love loev this song.
    was addicted to it before and i still love it.
    Its pretty straight forward i recon.

    i think maybe they both like each other but they were good friends before and are a bit hesitant to go further.
    Its kind of sweet that hes like your everything i want.
    loveee the song so much mann.
    Alice.on April 19, 2009   Link

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