Thugga! Thugga! Thugga! Thuggacation!
Hiphop Game...Papoose, Pa..poose.

Ayo I'm loved by few, hated by many/ respected by all, still ruling the city/ Man I'm loved by few, hated by many/ respected by all, cop a bottle of Henny/ If you loved by few, hated by many/ respected by all, still grippin' the Semi/ Man I'm loved by few, hated by many/ respected by all, ya'll can't fuck with me..

Ain't nuthin' changed, same shit, thangs still poppin'
0-8 drivin', lanes switch, big thangs cockin'.
Ok darlin', the chain switched Dave Blaine coppin'.
Ok pardon, if the frame switched aint hater blockin'
my rain ain't stoppin, ya man aint Jivin', my name aint Cochran.
But I'm the Law Library and cage ain't an option.
Notice me when I come to the spot, the way I knock.
Open up the doors, gimmie my money, ya'll leave the glock.
The last time I came, this dude had my mind boggled,
had me waitin', kept sayin' "I got chu"..
I knocked on the door, he said "who?"..."open the door 'fore I pop you"
Why you keep sayin who? what the fuck is you a owl?!
Straight to the connect, I don't get the hassle,
I cut the middle man out, man I'm skippin' past you.
You from the bottom, got the top doggs gettin' at you,
How the fuck you let the nigga in the middle gas you?
My connect wasn't a G, but he get the crack through,
I make a pound, he make a pound the shit was natural.
It's hard to see a nigga make the same nickel as you,
when you know the nigga don't keep it as official as you.
Cause if the knuckles can't touch you, then the pistol blast you.
Watch were you walkin', when you talkin', be a little careful.
Either one way or another man, I'm gettin' at you.
I do it Rikers Island style, send a missile at you.
I can't take it no more from these faggots I'm tired.
They can't deal with the truth so they rather deny it.
See alotta niggas playin' around, laughin' and liein',
but everything change when automatic get fired.
Hearin' everybody talkin' they clappin' they iron,
till them gun boys search em' for that ratchet and find it.
before they take you trial for ratchet and fight it,
these niggas is wearin' wires, yo they rather be wired.
When the grand jury say one of these bastards indited.
You see ya man turn to a bitch, sad to get sighted.
Even though my neighborhood is as hot as Africa's climate.
I stand for loyalty and royalty, Pap is your highness.
Listen, I dare anyone of you faggots to try us,
me and my clique get it poppin' like that Attica riots.
In the street full of frauds, they fraudgulent, I was born in this.
Beats and the bass gave birth to the son of song in this.
Abandoned, left me lost in this (?) orphanage,
adopted my this real Hiphop, so I was fortunate.
Every time I flow, I grow, I'm gettin' taller quick,
bigger balls, longer dick, stronger hand with a harder hit.
When I'm done recordin' this, I'ma be even taller bitch.
Grow into enormousness, this is the metomorphises.
So I move strategic when I be up in them offices.
Hard worker, but I'm the boss of this little (?) life pal.
Run up on you with the pound, like BLAW!.
My niggas blood thirsty, they waitin' around like hounds.
'Cause we make the niggas who be tryna sound like Bow.
Catch you on the inside, or gun you down in the town.
Better stand up and eat, had a crowd like "Wow!"
I'ma touch 'em as soon as he sit down at Chow.
All you rap niggas sound like clowns..
my album comin' out later, but my gun comin' out right now!

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