Stuck to a growing black balloon
My neighbors are slowly glowing maroon
Don't throw away my broken telescopes
Who has dragged you away?
Who's that carrying the rope?

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    My Interpretation“Stuck to a growing black balloon”
    This could be a reference being a part of the universe and looking out into the black night sky, since the Big Bang the universe has been expanding. It could also be a symbol for an inescapable sense of emptiness or depression.

    ‘“My neighbors are slowly glowing maroon”
    As the protagonist looks from the roof he can see his neighbors who, behind curtains and blinds in lit rooms would appear to glow maroon. They are perhaps socialising, making the singer feel alone. Slowly glowing also conjures up an image of his neighbors being alien to him.

    “Don’t throw away my broken telescopes”
    A telescope is useful for exploring worlds far away from your own, perhaps his own chances to escape and to dream have been broken, perhaps his dreams can even be fixed.

    “Who has dragged you away? Who’s carrying that rope?”
    My interpretation of this line is that the singer is questioning who figuratively lassoed their friend away into a society where they have forgotten how to dream.
    Suitcasekidon April 17, 2018   Link

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