"So Much Time" as written by and Daniel Enrique Manzano Fabian Rafael Manzano....
He can't get out of bed this morning
You can tell that he's been crying
From the stains on his pillow case last night
He wonders why he got no warning
He wonders all the time
Well maybe in his dreams he'll make it right

He finally pulls himself together
And tries to face his life
But the thought of her cripples him inside
He wonders if she thinks about him
Or if she feels alright
These thoughts don't seem to leave his mind

At least he's still got so much?

Time on his hands
Time to get back on his feet again
Time left to stand
Time to let go of his feelings

Problems in his life get clearer
As he finds some peace of mind
It gets a little easier with time
No he doesn't have all the answers
But he figures that's alright
Cause some things in life you just can't find

At least he's still got so much

Time on his hands
Time to get back on his feet again
Time left to stand
Time to let go of his feelings

All he wanted to find
Was a heart to match his own
When she left him behind
She killed the girl he thought he'd known

Time on his hands
Time to get back on his feet again
Time left to stand (time won't let go)
Time to let go of his feelings (won't let go)
Time on his hands (time won't let go)
Time to get back on his feet again

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"So Much Time" as written by Daniel Enrique Manzano Alejandro Luis Manzano


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    General Commentit's about getting up on your feet? after a break up? this is so far their best song for me. aside of course from their covers of bleeding love and keep holding on.
    tweeze_meon March 26, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me its about a girl who broke up with a guy, and at the end she changed, in a sudden sense: "she killed the girl he thought he'd known". So she probably broke up with him for maybe a reason he thought wasn't 'her'. But the first parts of him being alone after her breaking up, he has a hard time, he's always thinking about her, he wonders if she ever thinks about him, and he just wants to know how she's doing. But as time goes on, he realizes that he wanted someone to be with him, but he still has time to find that heart. And for now he has to use this time in his life to get his feelings sorted and back on his feet, then he'll have more time.
    SeamusQuincyon December 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a breakup. But it works perfectly with my situation.

    On Monday, my mom packed up and left me. I'm not capable working because I'm disabled, and despite that, she left me here. She went back to the emotionally abusive man that ruined our lives. We crawled out of there and built our life back up, and she turned her back on all of it.

    So here I am, crying in my bed, drowning in sadness knowing I've lost both my parents now. I have no support, no one to love me.

    But I have so much time on my hands. I can change my life, I can be great in life and I can help others. The stains will collect on my pillow case for a long time, but I have time to get back on my feet again.

    She has held me down. I want to become financially independent, and also emotionally independent. She broke my heart, but I can go on.

    This song is perfect for me.
    xplay25on July 29, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is amazing, but its not about a break up! I went to see Boyce Avenue live and they talk about their songs before they perform them. This song is about a friend of theirs who's girlfriend committed suicide, and the songs about him having time to recover from this terrible, unforeseen event. (He wonders why he got no warning)
    They also did a song from his girlfriends view, about her apologising for doing what she did. Its called "BRIANE" and it is every bit as amazing as this song.

    Boyce avenue rock!! xx
    Phoebs2on November 24, 2010   Link

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