Put forward in solitude
Small of words petition
If something created you
Then maybe that something will care

What useless soliloquy
Without recognition
If someone was listening
You wouldn’t have offered the prayer

But you're waiting for someone else to validate your existence
You’re praying for a man to come
Inaugurate your happy and meaningful life
Till then you’ve just that single hope to motivate your persistence
In holding your own, in living alone

But what if he never comes?
What if your fate is eternal seclusion?
Would it feel good to complain about being a woman in a man’s world?
What if you never fell in love?
What if life suddenly wasn’t over?
What if you woke up one morning instead
In old women’s clothing, gray hair on your head,
Wet nursed and spoon fed
Alone on your bed?

These thoughts are your contract
Your pact with anxiety
The same that give you purpose
Withholds satisfaction, fulfillment and joy

Self pity prohibits you
From finding security
You can't be a woman when you’re still a girl in want of a boy

And it’s a bitter brand of comedy that marks your benediction
When the faith that finds you on your knee
Has not the strength to pull you through your needs
And your defining fantasy speaks only condescension
Cause you’re still alone, still holding your own

But what if he never comes?
What if your fate is eternal seclusion?
What if your life goes unshared and unwitnessed?
What if you grow up to be an old maid?
What if you’re waiting for life to begin?
When really you’re waiting for nothing at all?
What if you wake up one morning instead
Alone in your bed?

What if you find a man,
But you’re still alone?
No longer a virgin,
But you’re still unknown
He’s only met your needs
With needs of his own
Is that what you’ve been waiting for?

What if you find the one
Whose strength would see you through?
But only to find he’s just as weak as you
And one lonely child, has now become two
Is that what you’ve been praying for?

What if somebody was trying to tell you
That you were the reason that he was a man?
Yeah, but you wouldn’t listen,
You were too wrapped up in your own defeat
He suffers your rejection
It’s amazing what the mind constitutes indiscreet
And what if life is waiting in front of your nose
But you hadn’t noticed cause your eyes are closed?
Your debating opposed
To the one who loves you most

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The Hypothetical Song song meanings
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    General CommentI like the name of the song.
    The meaning is pretty clear. He is talking about a girl who is trying to find meanng her life. She thinks it is in a man, but the singer submits to her variety of hypothetical questions that shed doubt on placing faith in man. In the end he states Christ is the one that cares for her. "What if somesomebody was trying to tell you
    That you were the reason that He was a man?" i.e. Christ became man to die for her.
    dhummelon February 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOne of the greatest lyrics ever composed if you ask me. Fucking depressing song, but it touches close to home.
    kaysowon May 20, 2008   Link

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