A heart out of affection, a night at the masquerade
You've won some and you're lonesome
As the spotlight fades
Going forth pretending destination is at hand
When she's crying just a little just for me

I've seen them set off to the Promised Land
Escaping from the hurtings
They don't understand
A sense of satisfaction
On account of pristine tears
She's crying just a little more just like you

Why don't you cry, cry a little over me
Why don't you lie
Can't you tell me that I am hard to deny
Can't she see what I am going through
Cry just a little for me
Oh girl a little for me

Afraid to give away what you keep inside
There's a ghost in your mirror
Every lonesome night
And those nights are getting colder
And your heart is a frozen wound
Don't you wonder who'll be there when you awake

Why don't you cry...

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    My InterpretationI love this song. It is my favorite song and I connect to it a lot.

    I see it as the character being refused by someone he tried to love. Not just rejected, though. It didn't have any effect on her and he essentially means nothing to her.
    Talking to her and trying to be with her is a big deal for him because he is in love with her, but she couldn't care less. He is destroyed by her refusal, but he had no effect on her.

    "Why don't you cry, cry a little over me?
    Why don't you lie? Can't you tell me that I am
    Hard to deny? Can't you see what I am going through?"

    Can't this mean anything to you? Can't you realize what this means to me?
    Do I really mean nothing to you? How can this effect me so much, and you not at all?
    agen23on February 04, 2014   Link
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    General CommentBest song I've heard in a very long while.
    Rebellion11on September 22, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningI love the song, but I don't realy understand the meaning.
    jerodevon July 01, 2011   Link

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