I know these dreams seem make believe
But i don't think we should let em go
Can't promise you rome or st. tropez
But one day we might make it to mexico
I know these dreams seem make believe
But i don't think we need to let em go
Can't promise you rome or st. tropez
But one day we gon make it to mexico

Natti: Babydoll can i call in a favor?
If you trust me i trust you, we must to
Get past times we cussed through
While we stand swearin like we in front of judge who
Ever's on tv, you know what i mean
Because whatever you seen, be it debit or green
Natti came up on from chasin a dream
But youre like a little free red corvette
Sweet on the street, worthless when it's wrecked
Work, stress and sweat, this life is a test but
Believe it's gon be all gravy
We be runnin in the sun to lay where it's shady
But not fast, fun filled with laughs
Can't take a trip to fall runnin to first class
How i wish the woods would up and disperse cash
Till then it's me and you and where i'm takin you last
Little bathin suit, me grabbin yo ass
Past borders with water as clear as ya glass, so
Let's go down to mexico where the
Reefer is cheaper and the sex is slow

Deacon: How about sex on the beach? right
Dos equis? right, under red light
Special, sidewinder track through sand
Swim a little bit, dance when we back on land
Darlin, whatever floats ya boat
From kentucky well water to whale watchin off a back porch
Smoked out rotisserie turnin
A little tequila, some kissin and burnin
But anyway, that's after words are said
The ring bearers, the flower girls, the i thee weds
But that's miles away like your smile today
I'm feelin lower than the nile in may
Cause all i know is i don't know and you don't either
All i know is that we need us
And plus we know that i ain't paid
Yet all we think is i'm gonna lead us
Together forever
Girl, that's pressure unmeasured
No lesser your treasure
Cause even the reverend would tell you that heaven's no better
Heaven's no better than you

Kno: Let me get my david bowie on real quick, check it
Take a chance or let me go

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Mexico (ft. Club Dub) song meanings
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    General CommentBeautiful
    maffy06on August 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentKno: We made this beat from scratch with the live band we work with, Club Dub. It just felt like some summery shit, some feel-good shit. I played the kalimba on this track, and it was actually really crazy because it just happened to be in tune with the rest of the instruments and I just picked it up, went in the booth and played the melody. I really wanted to make something to end the album on a bright note, something for everyone who wants more out of life or anyone that realizes relationships are 99% trust and faith. I wanted to get David Bowie on the track, but of course that was just a fantasy so I went in the booth and did my best impression. Dave, if you read this, holler at me. Let’s get you on the remix.
    maffy06on August 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commenthas aanyone seen them play this live?
    absolutly amazing!
    such a beautiful song.
    Onemosphereon March 12, 2010   Link

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