Evil deeds in my mouth
and my eyes are red
counting sheep in the shallow sleep,
sweating in my bed
I could get up,but I lay here instead
and I listen to the music in my head

I see fucked up clowns
and bloody bathroom floors
knives that keep spilling
from a hundred open drawers
alligator pimps and
hungry young whores
and a hundred businessmen
selling caskets door to door

my teeth are crackin, and
my lungs are black, yah
i ain't got no moneys
that I can stack
brick by brick till it
break my back
keep my posessions
in a burlap sack
and every train I get on
goes off the track
I smoke three trees and
drink a bottle of jack
yah, my best friend is six
she got no veins to smack
living downtown, underground
in between the cracks

*I forget my name
and I feel just like a stranger
nothing remains the same
but nothing ever really changes
and I forget my name
and I feel just like a stranger
nothing remains the same
but nothing ever really changes*

little kids in the street
try to sell me drugs
they ain't even 16
but they acting like thugs
they say what you need
you need weed, rocks blows?
they say, if you hang around
we'll introduce you to the hoes.
They say, watch me pimp this
white bitch real slow.
They keep an eye up
on the punks and the pros
and the players and the snitches
and of course the po po's
who sometimes come dressed
in civilian clothes.
If this white boy here
aint 5-0, then every brown person
in the neighborhood knows
why he came down to the ghetto
he must be looking for drugs or hoes


I know this girl that gets all emotional.
if you say the wrong thing
even if its unintentional.
the way she thinks is unconventional
she prides herself on being
she dont take nothing serious
shes a full time junky
so she's constantly dilerious
trying to escape from the
human experience.
how she's still alive is more or less mysterious.
and everytime i see my women
slappin that wrist
I take my pen out of my pocket
and i put it in my fist
do i have to go on
or do you all get the jist?
she wraps the belt around twice
and then she gives it a twist
soon she will forget about the lips
that she's kissed
the time that she wasted
the chances she's missed
shes a real good liar
a bad pacifist
and some people pretend
that she doesn't exist


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