Let's get lost
Forget about God's earth and stars
There's nothing here we couldn't
Read about in a book
Hide and seek in an open street
So I'm sure that I won't lose sight of you
Oh, I hope I never lose sight of you

Fireflies for a sunset
3 AM, the air is thin
I'm hoping for a sign
To show me which way home is
Cause yeah, it's all fine
But I didn't plan on this

I'll be your light, if you'll stand by my side
Two's better than one
And three's just a crowd
They should make up a new word
Just to describe how I feel right now

Let's start a new life,
Where all we do is ride our bikes
There's no money or war,
We just do the things we like

Let's pretend
That our breathing just began
We'll kiss the cheeks
Of the signs and streets
And hum as loud because we can

Time is fake , all in all so is fate
Fact is just fiction with a few less letters
Replace the "i" with an "a"
Let's sing the alphabet to each other
Cause it's simple like the weather
It's either raining or it's not

Hug a tree and hear it's heartbeat
No, it doesn't bleed,
But you can bet it can see
It's not just taller than you
It's older and wiser, too

Turn the page,
Open your eyes and take a look
I'm a letter-less crossword,
You're a coloring book
They judge you by your cover
So your pages aren't colored
Well, you're better off without them
You're braver and just fine
And if it ever gets to you
Just cup your hands over your ears
And close your eyes
See that's the beauty of it all,
Even if the storms are over your head
Inside, there's internal sunshine
Of your limitless mind

If my memories were children
I'd hope they'd never grow up
Singing, just swinging on a tire tied to a tree

There's something to the way you speak
And the way you won't look at me
When I tell you I can't take it
I may look older it's true
But to be honest like a Boy Scout,
[...] hand to the air
Sometimes I still wish I was five
Without a care
In the world

A kid can dream
And boys can die,
And girls can, too
We're intelligent but not invincible

So live like it's your last, last, last, last
Make it last and last and last and last
Kiss the girl while you can,
Count your freckles while you can
Sit cross legged in the grass
With your eyes open to the sky
Asking why and why and why and why
Asking why and why and why and why
Close your eyes, count to ten,
Remember your first kiss
And if you haven't had it
Just look forward to it

Age is just a number
Keep on keepin' on, kid
The past is just a member
To remind you what you did
Good, bad, and ugly are just words
Vocabulary shouldn't keep you
Locked up in a room
Take a step outside
We're all waiting on,
Waiting on you

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    General CommentWhy has no one commented this song yet??

    It's beautiful!
    It's the way people should act, the way kids do in the summer.
    Riding bikes, always broke, and just making every moment count.
    This song makes me smile, and think of old summers.
    morningstar xxon June 28, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti love the "internal sunshine of your limitless mind" line. this entire song is just perfect, actually. (:

    i think he's just holding onto his favourite memories and saying to just live it up and seize every moment while you still can.
    AllChokedUpon July 15, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti REALLY wish this weren't just a song on youtube..
    i'd download it in a heartbeat if i could.
    this is one of my all time favourite songs ever.

    this song, to me, means that you should just go back to the life when you didn't care about anything but having fun.
    i wish everyone could go back to that.

    here's to an amazing song.
    kiwilegsychimmyloserspedkaylaon March 14, 2009   Link

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