Shall we dance?

One, two, step...step by step...

I have nothing to hide, señorita, I'm a handsome blood-sucker
My heart's desire is to sink my fangs in down to the marrow of your bones

Ah...I softly press a promise-filled kiss to your blue-white neck as it shines in the moonlight
But why does my heart ache so...?

"I guess I've fallen in love with you"

One, two, step...step by step...

Shall we dance, bonita? I take your hand and we're hip-to-hip, un, deux, trois
When we're so close, our lips are almost touching, I suddenly whisper, "Te amore"

Ah...the thorns of this passion flower that's bloomed in my chest are squeezing my heart
And whenever I think of you, I weep tears of blood

Is it wrong to think I should destroy you
Because this love doesn't stand a chance?

How wonderful would it have been if I weren't me?
Then I could love you without hurting you...

One, two, step...step by step...
When the sun sets, we have our rendezvous
One, two, step...step by step...
And part ways when the dawn comes

Ah...I'm a pitiful mosquito, unable to be close to my love
"I want to hold you, but I can't..." and it's going to destroy me

This body is changing, even if it's dried up completely...
Please, before this love becomes a sin...

If my kiss won't reach you, if this love story won't bear fruit
At least let me hold you in my dreams

The more I think of you, the closer I get, the further you the moon and the sun

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Miyavi - Señor Señora Señorita [English] song meanings
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    General Comment@ghosty925 - Leave it to a Twitard to fag up an amazing song by comparing it to that monotonous bitchcunt couple. GTFO and stay there.

    This song is beautiful and is a great display of just how talented Miyavi is.
    Very obviously another song about a torn vampire who loves a human. The meaning itself isn't very special enough but it's portrayed in such a fun way with interesting and gorgeous music to boot. Interesting to hear a song in Japanese with Spanish music and bits of English in it. I wish there were more such songs.
    TsunemiTsunamion February 24, 2011   Link
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    General Commentlol, edward cullen`s song to bella swan :D:D but why is it called senor,senora,senorita?? couldn`t he come up with a better name??
    ghosty925on September 04, 2008   Link

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