I wanna be a sheep

I was a wolf for so long, I went up toward the moon
And devoured the defenseless sheep like baloons
That were tied to a railing and would anyway soon
Be deflated

I met you in between my carnivorous meals
And your hair was so soft and your body was real
And the layers of leaves blew away to reveal
A new pathway

Now I'm tryin' to hide my love away, be discrete
But you're a reason to change and end my violent streak
A reason to be normal, a reason to bleed like a sheep
I just wanna be a sheep

I just wanna be a sheep following right along with the crowds
A ballon with my head floating up through the clouds
And a little white string holding me to the ground
Could that be you?
It could be you
I just wanna be a sheep

Now the clock on the wall plays a sinister game
It treats every twelve hours exactly the same
And you cannot return and you can't get away
It keeps going

And everything you've done you can never undo
So I knew that it's useless to try and be new
But when you keep your eye on me, steady and blue
I keep trying anyways

And that eye watching me makes me not want to hurt
I don't want to draw anymore blood on your shirt
And I don't want to stay up and paw through the dirt
I need sleep
I just wanna be a sheep

I just wanna be a sheep and be gentle and docile and dumb
And o hear a voice call me and know I must come
And a shepherd to lead me and to forget where I'm from
Could that be you?
It could be you
I just wanna, I just wanna be a sheep

Yes, I am the one who's been killing the flock
I admit it and now that you're over the shock
Would you take me and keep me and turn back the clock
With your pretty little hand?
I just wanna be a sheep

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