"The Purgatory Line" as written by and Brad Morgan John Cooley....
This ain't exactly hell.
It sure as hell ain't heaven.
I love you like the dickens and I miss you like the Devil.
I guess I'll do my time waitin' in this purgatory line.
Angels here are wearin' fancy new perfume,
And all the bread's unleavened.
Well I guess it'll have to do till I find you.
I don't know what I'm doin' here or why
I'm waitin' in this purgatory line.

I ain't exactly up.
I ain't gone too far down.
I'm lookin' for some answers and there ain't no one around.
I guess I'll lose my mind waitin' in this purgatory line.
If Jesus walked on water then where'd he get them shoes?
It just keeps gettin' harder to lose these walkin' blues.
I want you to come and take me home for a while.
Save me from this purgatory line.

Sometimes I can laugh.
Other times I cry.
It ain't exactly funny.
My feet are both on fire.
I guess they'll just burn for a while waitin' in this purgatory line.
Lovin' you is so easy, but waitin' here just ain't.
I know I can be patient, but please don't hesitate to cross my mind.
That's all I've got for a while.
Waitin' in this purgatory line.

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"The Purgatory Line" as written by John Cooley Brad Morgan


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    General CommentThe sister to Goddamn Lonely Love?

    It is drenched in loneliness and painted in empty heartaches. All the references to angels, devils and jesus understates that the narrator is willing to believe in anything to find a way out of his state of mind.
    Low Feedbackon July 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAnd then I didn't understand what purgatory really meant.
    Low Feedbackon October 23, 2009   Link
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    General Commentmy first impression of this song is that its about a woman who killed herself after the death of her lover. and shes in this huge blank space (imagine an endless white room), all alone. She doesn't know what shes doing here, but she thinks it must be purgatory, and shes waiting till she can get into heaven to reunite with her lost love. but at the same time she's wondering if this is all there really is after death; she's scared but she keeps on waiting in that purgatory line.

    thats probably way off but thats what my first impression was.
    Noodler13on March 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI always read this as being the wife in the family that was murdered in "Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife". Two Daughters... is definitely the narrator telling the story of the husband making it to Heaven, and for some reason his wife is caught in the purgatory line.

    I have no reason other than listening to it to have this interpretation, but it keeps with the theme they set our previously in the record.
    gilmoreagon April 29, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of those strange songs where the music and the lyrics don't seem to mesh, and in your confusion you wonder if that apparent inconsistency is supposed to shed light on the song's meaning. The narrator alternates expressions of discontent and impatience with an "well shucks, guess I'll just have to wait this thing out" kind of acceptance of her condition. If this juxtaposition of "I want change" with "I'm good for now" wasn't confusing enough, these feelings are layered through plentiful Christian references and the narrator seeming to cast herself as a Penelope character. All that mishmashing isn't reflected in the music, though, which is peaceful, predictable, and utterly consonant. Maybe it's just about sucking up and persisting through a less-than-ideal, but not horrible situation.
    OldSouthon April 30, 2011   Link

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