"Self Destructive Zones" as written by and Shonna Tucker John Cooley....
It was 1990 give or take I don't remember
When the news of revolution hit the air
The girls hadn't even started taking down our posters
When the boys started cutting off their hair
The radio stations all decided angst was finally old enough
It ought to have a proper home
Dead fat or rich nobody's left to bitch
About the goings' on in self destructive zones

The night the practice room caught fire
There were rumors of a dragon headed straight for Muscle Shoals
"Stoner tries to save an amplifier"
And it's like the dragon's side of the story is never told
When the dream and the man and the girls hang around long enough
To make you think it's coming true,
It's easier to let it all die a fairy tale,
Than admit that something bigger is passing through

The hippies rode a wave putting smiles on faces,
That the devil wouldn't even put a shoe
Caught between a generation dying from its habits,
And another thinking rock and roll was new
Till the pawn shops were packed like a backstage party,
Hanging full of pointy ugly cheap guitars
And the young'uns all turned to karaoke,
Hanging all their wishes upon disregarded stars

My Grandaddys shotgun is locked in a closet
And it never shot a thing that could have lived
An old man decided that you couldn't choose your poison
Till you're nearly old enough to vote for him
They turned what was into something so disgusting
Even wild dogs would disregard the bones
Dead fat or rich nobody's left to bitch
About the goings on in self destructive zones

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"Self Destructive Zones" as written by John Michael Cooley


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Self Destructive Zones song meanings
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    General CommentThis song keeps growing. Cooley in the musical streets he knows best.
    Low Feedbackon July 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe key line is in the second verse. This is the story of the The Dragon, which is Rock'n Roll. Its a story of all the people that are chewed up and spit out in the end.

    Rock 'n roll is self destructive with the booze, women, drugs, travel, money, etc. Nobody cares if you're rich or fat or dead in the end because its just a party.

    There are many layers of self destruction such as the death of corporate rock in the early 90s to a some rocker getting injured in a fire to the hippies riding the wave to the pawned guitars.
    Tedvion February 26, 2009   Link

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