I dont want to be wasting my time with my own idiocy.
I walk down new tracks and end up back in the exact same place
with the familiar taste of egg on face.
I keep stepping on snails almost every day and its never on purpose.
Life is unfair, I stare in their retracting eyes and apologise.
Regardless, the snails die.

Then other deaths arise.
Dead bats dangle on wires.
I sense impending doom is being signified.
I dont need doom, I need apple pie.


I dreamt all of my loved ones died and left me on my own.
With big tear drops for eyes I attended every funeral alone.
A flying lion tore apart a pink bird in the sky.
A hill filled with children had a bloody kitchen off to the side.


And then I ventured into polyrhythms.
I really shouldnt go anywhere near them.
I am the worst musician I have ever met-
You could put me against a fingerless invalid with no eyes!
Eyes (I lost track)


With no eyes! Eyes (I lost track)
All my seeds are broken, darling, nothings gonna grow.
Lead a better life, rid yourself of this heavy load.
Im no longer honest, every day I speak in code.
Dont want you to warm to me, I want you to attack.
Greet my loved one awkwardly; be shocked that he comes back.


Its not a haunted house, its a haunted home.
So wipe your feet!
Be quiet as a mouse, youre not allowed to go.
So take a seat!
Were all gonna die tonight.


I used the bells and whistles just to keep him in the dark.
I hope theres no irreparable damage in his big heart.
All my gory dreams just turned so awfully real.
The dangling bat decayed and splat on my automobile.
And I just didnt know how to feel.
I didnt know what body part was stuck to the wheel!

It was just a little bump when this started in November!
Now my throat is caked with lumps and I know I dont remember
Why I climbed inside,
(I didnt want to do it, I got pushed into it, Mummy)
Broke things in your mind.
(I didnt want to do it, I got pushed into it, Mummy)


Nasty in the city tonight,
Theyre out and they will give you a fright.
Dont go walking alone,
Theyll get you when youre walking home.


Do you like my opus?
Do you like my opus?
I hope you do.

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