"Train In The Distance" as written by and Paul Simon....
She was beautiful as southern skies the night he met her
She was married to someone
He was doggedly determined that he would get her
He was old she was young

From time to time
He'd tip his heart
But each time she withdrew
Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance
Everybody thinks it's true

Well eventually the boy and the girl get married
Sure enough they have a son
And though they were both occupied with the child she carried
Disagreements had begun

And in a while
They fell apart
It wasn't hard to do
Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance
Everybody thinks it's true

Two disappointed believers
Two people playing the game
Negotiations and love songs
Are often mistaken for one and the same

Now the man and the woman they remain in contact
Let us say it's for the child
With disagreements about the meaning of a marriage contract
Conversations hard and wild

But from time to time he makes her laugh
She cooks a meal of two
Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance
Everybody thinks it's true

What is the point of this story
What information pertains
The thought that life could be better
Is woven indelibly
Into our hearts and our brains

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"Train in the Distance" as written by Paul Simon

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    General CommentI think the song is about the fact that often our dreams and expectations beats real life. "The sound of a train in the distance" is the thought of something that may happen in the future, it represents a hope of something new and different. The couple described in the song is an example of this, when they first met they thougt that together they could create a wonderful life but it proved that what actually happened did not correspond to their dreams. Ohlala a bit depressing
    antionetteon February 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI like antionette pretty much has it right, but I don't think the song is all that depressing in the end. Even though things don't necessarily work out in the lyrics, we still get the feeling that we do, in fact love the sound of the train in the distance, and still think and hope its true, even if past examples tell us it won't be that way.

    it's about hope
    TomAsson July 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentDelicious
    nagromnaion March 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI would say that meaning of "the sound of the train in the distance" is defined in the lyric as "the thought that life could be better."

    When you substitute the phrase into the chorus, you get:

    Everybody loves the thought that life could be better. Everybody thinks it's true.

    Which is really what the song is talking about. You live within the reality of your own life all the while looking into the future and thinking about how life would be if you could make it. As a child you might dream of your perfect wedding or what you will "be". As you get older you have the thoughts of what a perfect relationship might be even as you are in one that isn't quite perfect. You project yourself into the perfect home and family. People are often looking for what is going to happen instead of seeing the reality in front of them and accepting it and enjoying it for what it actually is - your life.
    EnochRoot1on September 24, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti'm confused by what the train could mean. does it mean, since the 2 people are apart, that the train shows that one of them is coming back to the person (to visit, or stay for awhile)? the last verse is very very good and means a lot.
    theofficeallianceon September 25, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti read that this song was about his first marriage to Peggy Harper, they had a son, Harper Simon
    theofficeallianceon September 25, 2008   Link
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    General Commentits about the hopes of having found true love, once, that fade away after a while, to later on come to the realisation that while reality may have changed all meanings of a relationship, you can make amends, you can still adjust and go along nicely the way that love turned finally out, into something more like a presence, that is in the distance and that's dear, somehow comforting at the same time, like a train in the distance.
    Something that may feel far gone or, feels like its coming back nearer just as well...
    naivadaon December 04, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretationthe song is about being in a relationship and thinking you can do better or being tempted by something better , eveyone likes the thought of a better relationship in the future, its implanted in our nature to think that way
    Jordankwatson85on May 28, 2017   Link

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