"The Gold in the Mountain of Our Madness" as written by Michael Ivins, Steven Drozd and Wayne Coyne....
They started up the hill
With their young lives exploding still
They love to dream and run
They had the grass and the trees and the sun
They dreamed of the gold they'd find
At the top of the hill as they climbed
No one would ever doubt
their spirit and strength would run out

But the hill was steep and long
They never thought they'd be wrong
It wasn't a hill at all
It was a mountain a thousand feet tall
But with the gold still in their thoughts
They used their young lives to climb and climb
By the time they got up to the peak
They were old and they were weak

There was no gold that they could find
It was all just in their minds
They had dreamed and they had loved
They found the grass and the trees and the sun
They said "What do we do now?"
Spend the rest of our lives climbing back down?
Or we can treasure what we find
And make it golden in our minds.

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    General CommentIts a complete metaphor for life in the United States (or really any capitalist society).

    We spend the best years of our lives (our youth, when we are strong) chasing the almighty dollar (the "gold" at the top of the mountain)...we spend years "climbing" and waste our energies and youth on this fruitless climb. at the end...what do we have to look back on? Most of us will never ever be rich. the "gold" is not there for us. The song is heartbreaking. But, in the end, the climbers have learned to value things that are not monetary in nature--the grass, the trees, the sun...or to extend the metaphor further, the company of friends and family. I think the song is saying that at the ends of our lives the pursuit of money will not be seen as important as the fulfillment we get from life's other pleasures...
    slickpoetryon September 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentCan't believe no one ever posted the lyrics to this song, it's beautifully written.

    About a group of young men who decide to climb up what they thought was a hill with hopes of finding gold at the top, but it turns out this "hill" was actually a very tall mountain. Despite the size of this mountain and the vast amount of time and energy it would take to climb it, they were convinced there was gold at the top.
    The climb takes years to finish, the climbers apparently wasting their youthful lives to climb this mountain.
    By the time they reach the top, they are old and drained of their energy from the climb, and never finding the gold they were so sure they would find.
    At first they pretty much think "Well, what now" and instead of wasting the rest of their lives climbing down, they decide to treasure what they find on the peak, and ultimately dying with their "Gold."

    Just my interpretation.
    bradrickon January 24, 2008   Link

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