Locked in a cage, by yourself
Downtrodden rage, breeds poor health
Make an excuse, then duck out
It's self induced, knuckle back
Try to get off, go somewhere
Dying for love, way out there

If you want to escape this living hell
Cast off your chains and be free
If you don't believe you owe it to yourself,
You can owe it to me
Owe it to me

Wipe of the dust, Let it shine
You can adjust, given time
Ready to leave, you show up
You got a grief
Come grow up

If you want to escape this living hell
Cast off your chains and be free
If you don’t believe you owe it to yourself,
You can owe it to me

I'm here to help you decline
Want to rebel, by design
Cut off your nose, to spite your face
Superimpose your disgrace

If you want to escape this living hell
Cast off your chains and be free
If you don’t believe you owe it to yourself,
You can owe it to me

I’ll find a way to lead you astray,
Just a little longer
I’ll find a way to lead you astray,
Stay a little longer

Yeah, you can owe it to me

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    General CommentI can't be happy. I have limited trust in other people, I am angry, sad, and desperately I only want some people to love and love me. However i'm scared. The singer is saying that people like us stand in our own way "I'm here to help, you decline. Want to rebel by design" Thats all I know, and even though being the way I am is lonely and miserable I can't trust anybody and then get better. She is saying that's it's going to be ok- all we need to do is let somebody help us. She's telling us that we need to trust others

    "I�ll find a way to lead you astray,
    Just a little longer"

    Such a helpful song for a depressive or traumatized person like myself.
    Great message.
    mkelly87on April 27, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIn the comment above a point is proved that I have thought about which I will explain here. First, "morcheeba" is a reference to marijuana (this is a fact, I read the name of band is meant to mean "the way of marijuana" and i'n my opinion this song has much to do about drugs and in correlation happiness. I am not writing this to be an advocate or anything it is just my experience.... I believe the the theme of much morcheeba music, song like "almost done", "who can you trust" and this one particularly have much to do with drug and alcohol abuse. I only say this from my own perspective, I used use pot/ beer/ drugs a lot, not in a "lets party" way, but in a medicinal "feel good because life is so bad" type of way. The gentleman or lady who commented above said that methylone and psychedelic mushrooms changed them from this person in "living hell" as the song talks about to somebody happy. For quote unquote "drug addicts" life becomes "living hell" in a number of ways, but primarily by being tortured by life's difficulties when sober for long or short periods of time, or by the pain of hangovers, broken relationships, and other things when not sober in life. This "living hell", or pain, can be remedied with drugs, but if like me you are lonley and depressed and a quote unquote "addict" and / or "alcoholic" the hell continues even though you get high or drunk. Quintessentially "living hell" is a spiritual or social train wreck , and for me It can not be solved with drugs permanently. Make sense to anybody? Anybody quote unquote "recovering" out there??? This is my opinion, the living hell described here is directly tied to drug and alcohol problems.
    mkelly87on May 24, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationSome people are tough on themselves. Some people blow insignificant shit out of proportion. They make life so difficult for themselves, over thinking problems, creating problems out of nothing, unable to let themselves be happy. I know a girl just like this. She doesn't think she deserves happiness, friends, or love. She thinks she's useless, she can't help anyone, and it makes her horribly depressed.

    This song, for lack of a better term, is like the ultimate "HEY!.. let's just chill out, yah?" Don't be so damn hard on yourself... I don't know "why" you think you need to be, but you don't. And that's that.

    Let yourself be free. And if you don't think you're worth happiness, I do, so do it for me. I'll help you out. I'm here, I can take you away from your misery - I have no problem doing that. I wanna help you, so let me. And maybe, once you forget your troubles, you'll realize "hey, I don't need to put myself through this. :)"

    I used to be one of those people, and I knew how ridiculous I was being, but I couldn't help it. A fine white powder called methylone, a night with two old friends, psychedelic mushrooms, an unhealthy relationship, and songs like Morcheeba's "Enjoy the Ride" and Pink Floyd's "Time" did their part in helping me escape my own living hell. And now this song is a testament to that. The person I wanted to be, the happy one, asking my former self to tag along and see what I couldn't before, behind all the "dust" I was creating for myself. It's a marvelous song, so up beat, so much working together - I love it.
    NonConnotativeon April 22, 2012   Link

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