Hey rubber, I'm glue
I sure could use some pills to take the bounce right out you
And trampoline my toking habits back to 02'
When Jane was looking but her Mary was not in view

And did we think we'd fall like this
Ashes ashes for the kids
Falling softly is the trick

Defeat is the word on the street today
And if I could unassociate
The word on the street from my god damn, well it'll be a miracle
Take a piece from my favorite things
And if they constitute this a forgery, no tell them it's just me I'm...

Ooh, baby when you shake that thing for me
You see all the player haters gotta come and step to me
But what they don't know, and never will they know
How far degrees and manners go
And I've got both, so here's a toast, you just got owned

Hey miss royalty
Why can't you put a cap on making boys go crazy
I'll be your king but fear that I am far too lazy
I can't relax when pressured by conducted ladies
So girls let that guard on down
'Cause we're just too weak to shield back up
I'm breaking down the fortress in their heads
And mine's on fire

Ooh, baby if you're seeing right through me
Don't think of taking credit cause it's just transparency
You see ya won't know, and never could you know
Where I do let my colors show
I keep them close, not on my clothes, under those

and if I dare to take my rage to town
I'll fuel my rage with bars and bottles down
Cause what I do know, and age will let you know
Of simple cures like jack and coke
And we've got both, so start your dose

And when my mind is set adrift
I think of all the boys she'll kiss
I'll make their heads and concrete mix, a bloody mix
And with that lasting taste on their lips
I'll make the pain fall through to their kids
I'm so sadistic, I'm sick and twisted, I'm close and distant
And ashes ashes fall to the ground
And ash is gonna cover the town
And hopefully its people will drown

And I can hardly begin to describe
The way she makes me feel inside
She breaks me down into a nothing
Then I come back as her something
She's the only one who knows,
But she never fucking tells me though
What I am, or what we are
And it doesn't seem we go far
Hell no, hell no, it sure doesn't
Hell no, hell no, it sure doesn't

You smother my face, as if to cure the burning flames
But baby it is you who's burnt
I got your ashes in an urn
I'll spread you in the Indian, Atlantic, Pacific
Or just to be ridiculous I'll choose the Arctic
Cause you're so cold, you'd be at home
In an enclosed globe, I'll shake the snow and rattle your head

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    General CommentI just love the the bubbly and playful sound of this song, and how it is so oposite from some of the darker lyrics.
    Carmela52on September 13, 2008   Link

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