I wonder what the future holds?
This is the dawn of the new era

We the people who duck, dive and weave
While led to believe that we're all naive
Alienation, of a radio TV movie nation
No patience in this land of patients
Out of sight make that Whitehouse Right
And you know what they doin' just ain't right
To the worlds run hard to vision
Who lost this world or ask permission
Apart from the Bin Laden they're worlds apart
80% of America's got passports
While the patriot act keep both camps back
Lords of the pause and the contract
No chance or while their seeds be dancin'
Keep draftin' yeah I think they're passin'
Draft law to the poor the caskets
In the name of war!

I don't, yeah that whole thing is whack
You don't know?
So what you want the rock?
So I rock!
Shut the whole damn block
No bird, no train, no dance soul plain
This is the same thing you're all used to playin'
Same style as Saddam Hussein is insane

Shock and awe, let me explain?
Me and Z-Trip are to rock it to your brain
And so I rock
Rock, rock on ... Rock, rock on ... Rock, rock on
Shock, shock on ... Shock, shock on ... Shock, shock on
Shock and awe!

Images rappers the world today
If you wanted to follow us yesterday
The man you cats got something to say
Kept back and stuck to them same old ways
Instead of pretending to be your friend
Making them a goddamn beer wagon!
The peaceful revolution ain't possible
The violent revolution is inevitable
It's suicidal to believe I'm your American Idol
You can't eat, what the hell is entitled?
Critics don't give no credit to the lyrics
Impotence, confidence, we ain't hard of hearing
Goin' years against the cause of logistics
?? the cost what they spend
You got an offer to do the best for Babylon
What happens when you're to far gone
Things are happening by no mistake
When the walls crumble and the earth shakes
You may try to lead us through the goddamn stakes
God waits for no one for God's sake
Then pray to God when they're preying on you
When you're praying to God, they're playing with you
Fight the power the jetting juice
In three years your for the devil your loose

So you wanna rock?
And we wanna rock, rock on ... rock, rock on ... rock, rock on
Shock, shock on ... Shock, shock on ... Shock, shock on
Shock and awe ... shock and awe ... shock and awe
Come on! Awestruck! ... awestruck ... awestruck ...

Revolution for your mind body and soul
Drowning in the sea of the big dope Saddam
No past no future don't go on for a while
Ain't gave them nothin' but robbed a child
From substance don't care for them up with style
like hip-hop's loyalty or well like wow!
Turned the game and made them a goddamn shame
Hell with history you don't even know my name
I ain't the same babe you all used to playin'
I'm the non-stop rock indebted to your brain

Chuck D,
Public Enemy number 1
Z-Trip got ya awestruck ... awestruck ... awestruck
Shock and awe ... shock and awe ... shock and awe
Shock and awe ... shock and awe ... shock and awe
Rock it to your goddamn plane!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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