"I Don't Know" as written by and Lashawn Daniels Delisha Thomas....
I'm absorbed in mediocrity
? uncertainty
Glazed with profanity
And conform like fraternity
I yearn for serenity
With endless possibilities
Overwhelming capabilities

[Chorus: x2]
Singing, I don't know if I've been reborn,
Lived a past life, suffered in another time,
I don't know

Give it up, give it up

Well I don't know what to believe anymore
But every now and then I feel a moment of awakening
But then it's gone, then it's gone, then it's gone
Blanketed by the warmth of ignorance

[Chorus: x2]

If I'll go somewhere special when I die
If I'll go somewhere special when I die
So I'll just go on living my way

There's a strength in duality
Penetrate mentality
Give it up, give it up
I've learned from casualty
Don't have faith in anything
Give it up, give it up

Singing, I don't know know, no, I'll never know
I'll give it up

[Chorus: x3]

If I'll go somewhere special when I die
If I'll go somewhere special when I die
So I'll just go on living my way

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"I Don't Know" as written by Drew Roulette Dino Campanella


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    General Commentis this a new song they're playing live?
    a scar in the skyon April 23, 2008   Link
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    General Commentflowingmindspin, I don't feel that way at all...

    it's more of a confusion, sounds like agnosticism to me. no they're not "turning into jesus freaks" or whatever. if it is about Gavin, then it is what he wanted to write and how he felt/feels. he's not pushing what he believes on anyone.
    whitehotlighton May 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree that this is not a religious song. It is more of a question of faith. Faith does not make it about religion. Good song though!
    bjn714on May 12, 2009   Link
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    My OpinionAn agnostic's anthem... :) I love it! This album as a whole is fantastic - their best, in my opinion. They really did do a killer job.
    kaytiluon July 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentClearly it's against religion if anything. I agree it's an agnostic's anthem. Dredg are so flipping amazing!
    doggydooon July 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentFlowing, powerful song; the vocals almost force you to pay attention to the lyrics.

    Concerning the anosticism:
    "Well I don't know what to believe anymore
    But every now and then I feel a moment of awakening
    But then it's gone, then it's gone, then it's gone
    I'm blanketed by the warmth of ignorance"
    Apparently, the moments of awakening have enough value to create frustration that they don't pan out to more. It seems like the writer is embittered that the awakening is fleeting because although his blanket is warm, he calls it ignorance.

    I totally agree with:
    "Cause there's no guarantee
    Of a god or longevity
    Admit you don't know anything
    And give it up"
    although the "it" may mean more than one thing. It is interesting that we communicate as if a possible-god is obligated to guarantee us anything, as if such a being is on trial by us instead of vice versa. Speaking agnostically, if there really was some ultimate, all-knowing being able to guarantee us longevity, a special place, etc., would it be more realistic to suppose that he must prove himself to us or that we must prove ourselves to him? If the latter, then we may well be in a state without all the answers so that this possible-god can assess what we are really interested in finding out / becoming.
    Qoheleton October 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentDefinitely a tribute to agnosticism. I think the lyrics really make the song, but there are some great guitar textures and sounds throughout the song that make it great with headphones.

    I love how the music changes up, getting more emotional, during the "If I'll go..." part.
    brycej3on February 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song actually follows philosophical skepticism more than anything religious. The mention of God isn't so mucha questioning of faith, but of epistemology. He's questioning what he knows, of what he can be certain. The title and most repeated line of the song is "I don't know." What can we really know? The first verse is, in essence, the gist of Descartes' Meditations, particularly the first Meditation. The mention of duality (dualism) follows along with this. I feel this is reflection of philosophical inquiry and uncertainty rather than faith-based or religious.
    theme0songon February 16, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is not against or for religion..."i dont know" IDONT KNOW! he does not know! no one does is what he is saying. He is saying that he is giving up the thought of what happens when you die because people will never know ( well at least in our life time and science currently ).He is saying he is not sure if there is a god or after life or a renew of life... he is saying HE DOES NOT KNOW...simple lol why are you guys over analyzing. HE IS SAYING EITHER COULD BE RIGHT AND HE GOING TO LIVE HIS LIFE ANY WAY THERES NOTHING HE CAN DO ABOUT IT OR CHANGE IT!

    Tool's vicarious is another example of this lack of care for will happen and can not change! humans nature to fight and be kill each other of dislikes or survival!

    Your welcome...no debating that..
    Clayton262626on June 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentSomething about this song always kind of bothered me and I could never figure it out until now.
    Everyone claims this song to be an "agnostic's anthem" but I always heard a hint of tongue in cheek sarcasm to the lyrics. Especially lines like "blanketed by the warmth of ignorance"
    This entire album is about the "warmth of ignorance" in one way or another. Many of the songs seem to be about the dangers of the ignorance that comes from blind faith (Pariah, Ireland, Information) So it would makes sense that not having faith in anything would be the answer. But that is just swapping one form of ignorance for another. Rather than holding on to blind faith, the narrator of this song is embracing nothing and wandering through life in blind, blissful, ignorance instead.
    I think the point of this song, and of the entire album, is that whatever you believe in whether it's God or nothing at all, you should always keep your eyes open to the complexities of the world. Always question what is being shown and told to you, even if it's hard and frustrating and confusing at times to do so.
    This song isn't anti-agnostic, but I don't think it's an agnostic anthem either. The message of "don't believe in anything" isn't meant to be taken literally.
    kory101021on August 07, 2016   Link

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