There’s a problem with love
It’s stronger than drugs
You take all you want
But it’s never enough

Search all your life
Thinking you’d love your wife
Then you cheat and you lie
And expect something more queer

Feels so shitty inside
Sometimes you wish you could die
Now you know love
Now you know love

Feel so awful inside
Sometimes wishing you’d die
Now you know love
Now you know love

Feels so shitty inside
Pray to god you could die
Now you know love
Now you know love

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Nailing Honey to the Bee song meanings
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    General Commentim not sure about the second line in the second stanza...

    what do you think is meant by the title? i was thinking it was a bit ironic kinda... the bee is stuck to its own creation (the honey)... like is a burden kinda... which is what is being suggested about love? we create love and all these crazy relationships but theyre forced upon us in a way and it sucks.. maybe its forced on us because of society's pressure to get married or somethin crazy... but so basically love sucks because we have to deal with it- even though it should be somethign thats sweet (like honey) it makes us feel like shit
    c4r4me1on January 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think the theme here is expectations and illusions placed on love:

    "Search all your life
    Thinking you’d love your wife
    Then you cheat and you lie
    And expect something more queer"

    You take all you want and it's "never enough" because nothing will ever live up to our expectations.
    bumbagon August 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics are pretty easy to understand but is he being sarcastic when he sings "Now you know love?"
    le_bendson September 10, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretationwas just listening to this.. (fucking Amazing)

    conundrum... i think it could be sarcastic.. it kinda depends
    is it "now you know love" or "now you know, love" (the latter being an address to the speaker's girl or his "love") (...does it alternate between the two?... is it supposed to be a play on words?)
    the title always confused me... but i was thinking about it today
    Nailing Honey to the Bee

    nailing=banging, fucking, making love to, etc -or nailing as in to fasten something to something else with nails
    honey= literally the gooey stuff -or honey, the pet name

    For the person called Honey, being nailed to a bee would be very painful.. not only because being nailed to something would suck (ask jesus) but also because bees have stingers and can bite and yeah
    nailing the gooey stuff to a bee would be rather difficult.. not only with it dripping and you know, not being solid and all.... but also with the bee freaking out and all with it's stinger and its buzzing and biting and etc

    idk about the bee.... but i guess a bee's stinger is a pretty phallic-y symbol... perhaps the bee is the guy and the honey is the girl and the nailing is the rather painful union of the two in holy matrimony... i don't mean to get all biblical but according to the bible Eve came from Adam's rib so it would make sense that the female would be represented by something that comes from the male... also girls are supposed to be irrational and gooey and difficult to understand so i guess in that way honey makes sense also

    normally i'd admit that this is all probably a huge stretch... but i feel like the odd choice of titles must indicate its importance

    The idea this song seems to present is obviously about the painful, shitty part of love, but it also seems to suggest the spurious, deceitful nature of love.. as with the "Search all your life/ Thinking you'd love your wife..." part as well as with the title which has always been a point of interest for me... the title also seems to suggest the unnatural, irrational idea of marriage.. something that perhaps isn't supposed to last, just as honey wouldn't stay nailed to one bee for very long, perhaps no individual is actually supposed to stay devoted to one single individual because of the stickiness and unpredictability of such emotions... perhaps it is our understanding of what love should be that fucks it all up... so to come back to le_bends' question lol ..i'd say it is sarcastic - there is so much about love that we misrepresent and can never understand... i would find it hard to believe it was just a bitter statement
    c4r4me1on June 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentFrom the Tepid Peppermint Wonderland booklet:

    "Anton originally titled this "Did You See Them? (Nailing Jesus To A Tree). Then he changed it to "Like Honey To The Bee." Since the title kept changing (a common trait with Anton and new songs), we never knew what to call it when the band was rehearsing. One day I said, "let's play that 'Nailing Honey To The Bee' song," and it stuck"

    -Rob Campanella
    diglett69on April 01, 2012   Link

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