And it seems like we should know
that this is wrong
And it seems like we should know
that everything we had once is gone

This is your Mayflower
coming over spring shower
I’m gonna play till I bleed
And I can’t dance with you tonight
I’m gonna make it right
It's silk done right a black candy high
And I’m gonna make you fly tonight

And I found you in the ocean blue
fake sky
Rosy colored bones poke through
And I
can never write a lullaby for you
for you

Do it man best you can
Driver is in the hippie van
Diamonds in my other hand
I can’t believe it's happening
Who’s my other sky
meet me ‘cause I’m flyin’ high
Jordan’s silky dress up tie
I can’t believe it’s happening

The stars are align
makes you want to dine
Back up ‘cause I’m fine
and I can’t believe its happening
Golden color plates
porcelain legs and fancy dates
Love me ‘cause I know it’s fate
I can’t believe it’s happening’

I drink on glasses so I bleed
I just wanted you to know
Yeast sinks with gases
so try to knead
me to you

A picture perfect chocolate river
and white canoe
In our graves we're wrapped with leather and I’m kissing you

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Candyland Wedding song meanings
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    Song MeaningHonestly I just think it's about acid or some form of drug.
    hippie van? diamonds? come on people.
    breebreebabycakeson January 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMy very loose interpretation on this song is that it's about a guy (no duh xP) about to get married. His reasons for getting married though, may not be so sincere. He feels like going through this marriage is wrong, which is why he feels like he can't write her lullubies or dance with her this night, but for her, because he already went this far making this look like the best wedding ever, he might as well play the part as the perfect groom.

    4th and 5th paragraph,I think here, he's pushing himself to go through with this wedding because he already went this far, having a driver, getting the diamonds, people are here, all the elements are here. He's convincing himself that he might as well enjoy tonight.

    In the 6th paragraph, sounds like he's getting himself drunk on purpose so he could further enjoy the night the way most married couples do.

    7th is a bit sad, everything looks picture perfect, but here he is, further deepening his grave (of dispair? Of being forever married to a women he didn't want to get married with in the first place) by continuing on, kissing this girl, pretending to be the happy husband.

    xkashiixmariixon April 24, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis is what i thought about it:

    in the first three paragraphs i thought:
    there's a guy and he loved a girl, but she died (or committed suicide mabey)
    (and they may have been suposed to be married)

    the fourth and fifth paragraphs made me think that mabey he is contemplating suicide to be with her.

    the second to last is him committing suicide
    and the last is after he dies and is with her again.

    Another thing i thought was mabey they were committing suicide together?

    ThunderSampsonon June 04, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationPersonally I interpret this song as his fears of how the relationship may go after getting married:

    When, "everything we had once is gone" I think that he sees that the relationship can take may different paths and he will try as hard as he can to make the relationship work, "I'm gonna play till I bleed".

    "And I found you in the ocean blue", is usually a happy description of the ocean so he knows that what they had was great.
    "Fake sky, Rosy colored bones poke through" But he worries that it(the relationship) could take turns for the worse.
    "And I, can never write a lullaby for you, for you", Which may be his ultimate fear, that he will never be able to show her love the way she'll need or that he won't be able to love her after the wedding and/or worries that they may have to get a divorce in the future(maybe because he's been around many failed marriages).

    "Meet me 'cause I'm flyin' high" and "I can't believe it's happening", could mean that he is so happy that they're together even with his fears weighing down on him.

    "Golden color plates, Porcelain legs and fancy dates, Love me 'cause I know it's fate" he is feeling both reassured and weighted down because he sees how perfect everything is.
    "A picture perfect chocolate river and white canoe" again everything looks perfect.

    "In our graves we're wrapped with leather and I'm kissing you" he decides to take the risk of marrying her and decides he will stay with her till they both die(because he knows he loves her).

    KianaKataclysmon December 02, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti can't figure out what this song is about..
    a wedding?
    i have no clue..
    but it is a really good song.
    caitlinsspecialon March 08, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAgreed.
    The title makes me smile.
    Kill Paradise is love. :]
    CyndyIsMetalon March 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAgreed.
    The title makes me smile.
    Kill Paradise is love. :]
    CyndyIsMetalon March 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commentit's "drive us in the hippie van" not "driver is in the hippie van."
    radfulon November 29, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think the song is about how two people we in love and decided to get married. however, they no longer have those feelings for each other yet still decide to go on with the marriage, thus explaining:"and it seems like we should know that this is wrong and it seems like we should know that everything we had once is gone"

    the second paragraph is explaining how he/they should put on a facade and go through with their decision though they both know that their "dance" is going to be fake.

    the third paragraph is saying how he met her and it all seemed so perfect; "i found you in the ocean blue" would describe meeting her and falling for her, though "fake sky rosy colored bones poke through" would be saying how the surroundings in which they make are fake and he can see through the truth of it.

    im not sure what the fourth paragraph means but the fifth is saying how perfect the wedding is - it both looks and feels perfect. "the stars align" may be refering to the idea of star-crossed lovers, though they know that is not the case.

    the sixth paragraph is not clear but it sounds much more dreary; possibly the guy is trying to drink his way through the wedding so it 'feels right' and the seventh paragraph is how everything seemingly looks perfect and then they will be laying in their graves together, kissing, despite their previous knowledge that this is not what they wanted.
    rachelw26on June 04, 2010   Link
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    General CommentK, so this is my take. It's somewhat a mesh of what's already been said. Two people, about to get married.

    The lines "It seems like we, should know, that this is wrong" and "...everything we had once is gone" refers to how the guy feels like both of them should know that getting married isn't the right thing for them to do, because they don't feel the same way about each other. Perhaps the wedding was only being used as a means to "fix" what was wrong in their relationship.

    "I'm gonna play till I bleed" could possibly refer to how he is gonna stick it through with her until his heart bleeds, no matter what. "I can't dance with you, tonight, I'm gonna make it right" could mean that at that moment, he feels really unsure, but eventually he'll get past that and make things right with her.

    I think the whole 3rd paragraph is about how they first met. "I found you in the ocean blue, fake sky" refers to how impossibly perfect things were at the beginning. And the line "I could never write a lullaby for you, for you", you have to think about what a lullaby is. A lullaby is usually a song kind of thing that puts people to sleep, right? So maybe he never wanted to let her go back then, let her "sleep", if you will.

    "Do it man, best you can" is him giving himself a pep talk, telling him to do his best. "I can't believe its happening" still he is in disbelief that they are actually going to go through with this. I especially feel that the line "Back up cause I'm fine" is him trying to let everyone else, who think he looks or is acting a bit unsure of himself, know that he's good to go. Even though it might all just be a guise.
    Stradageeon September 13, 2010   Link

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