Burn me out of your mind, this is a place I cannot be anymore.
Every inch of ground is paved with lies.
Your only concern is for yourself.
No mercy no remorse for the innocent.
You're the one who fucking left an unbalanced mind for gravity to take its course.
Fall to your knees and lose the last of your dignity.
Razorblade smile stretched from ear to ear.
You won't cross me again.
Broken bonds and envious ties my only chance is to turn inside.
Everyday the colors fade to black and white.
Broken bonds and a broken jaw, I can't take this anymore.
I see the world through cold eyes.
Every inch of ground is paved with lies, every emotion dead.

Lyrics submitted by plasticskies

One Body Too Many song meanings
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    General Comment+1.
    kquedequalsvolvoon January 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI would have to say this song makes me think about how much someone hates our generation.
    and how everyone cares for themselves without thinking about anyone else. the world is filled with lies/liars. and the person just can't take it anymore. and he says one day this world is going to come to an end? while he watches it with no surprise of what we've become. that's just what I get from this!

    and basically I love winds of plague! :D
    I couldn't stay late enough to see them live so I left right after impending doom played :( pity!!!
    I heard they kicked so much ass live. awh
    well anyways they've got my support.
    5k1nn7wr1575on February 21, 2008   Link
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    General Commentbest song EVER!!
    [Vicer Exciser]on February 24, 2008   Link
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    General Commentgreat song...i agree with 5k1nn7wr1575 on the meaning

    the riff for the "broken bonds..." lines is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! i hope they'll tour through phoenix
    harper83087on March 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentActuallt they came to phoenix a couple of times
    But im a metalhead so I don't really belong in those shows
    So I go to metaldevastation for local azdg shows
    But wop is badass!
    grenudolocomannyon March 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is amazing, even if it was instruments alone, you would still get the gist of the tone they are portraying through their kick arse lyrics.

    I'm pretty sure they vomit gold.
    I can't wait to see them tonight. :D
    amberoflmaoon April 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI feel that this song is kinda aimed towards a chick. kinda like they got real deep and he found that she did nothing but lie about everything, so he killed her.( i get that part from the razorblade smile) and to grenudolocomanny, they are metal, unless i missed a memo. unless ur sayin ur a old school metal head, like priest and sabbath. dont see whats with the division though.
    slammed68on May 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMy favorite Winds Of Plague song. I don't know what it means, but I like this song.
    chanelraquelon January 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentFavorite song on Decimate the Weak. The whole razor blade smile stretched from ear to ear reminds me of the black dahlia murders, but idk why they would write about something like that. but who knows? aha
    packofwolveson March 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI haven't listened to these guys for a long time, but I would just like to say that TWO bands have already stolen one of the riff from this song. Listen to 2:53 from this song then listen to 2:10 of Indonesia (alternate version) by August Burns Red then listen to 8:35 of Skylines by Painted In Exile. Hilarious right?
    corerulezon August 01, 2010   Link

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