(Intro by Hidden)

Zedbazi, Sijal, Alireza JJ, Nasim, Haha ...

(Verse 1 by Hidden)

Dobare kenare ab, zire setarehayim
Khoshhal az inke tuye behtarin se mahe salim
Tanha moshkel ineke tahte feshare khabim
Hamechi aaliye vali age bezare payiz!
Chera mire jelo aghrabe hey?!
Motanafferam az tahe del man az avvale mehr!
Mikham mast sham bokonam khodaro negah
Enghad bekesham ta ke bedam shosharo be ga!
Chon man, Hiddenam, idea midam divunam
Pas shab bemun pisham tanha nasho
Chon ke midunam dus dari in akhlaghamo
To o man, tuye takht, ruye ham
Ruye bang, ood o sham', ba nure kam
Farda ro bikhial ta hast emruz
Man o to duste khubemun Grey Goose
Be har hal har sal barga rang migiran
Ye chand mah sabz akhar be zard mimiran
Tabestun raft sarma tanamo oftade kard
Tuye khomari o sabr eine mo'tade Crack
Vali zire geryeye payiz khis nemishim
Zemestunam Swiss narim mirim piste Dizin
Baharam ke hava abre o faghat buye khub dare
Ke dare behemun mige tabestun tu rahe vali

(Chorus by Nassim)

Tabestun kutahe
Maha ta mitunim pishe ham mimunim
Dustaye Samimi
Karaye Ghadimi
Inja Ma Haminim

(Verse 2 by Alireza JJ & Sijal)

Madamoiselle ba Chanel
Ab mishi mese caramel
Falsafe' donya do ruze
Har shabesh cognac o dude
Oon dokhtare hambaazime
Harja mire barname barfbazie
Chand mahie midune shab ba kie
Man beram unam tanha mishe
Tu fekresh manam o tu livan vodka
Emshab mikhad Livin La Vida Loca
Weed o coca ta be nesfeshab zadan
Tamum mishe ba ye cheshm beham zadan
Vali age khorshid nare
Ta akhare omr inja khosh migzare
Hatta ruzi ke nayan bargaye khis
Zendegi mikonim engar fardayi nist

Hes mikonim sexy shodim
Ruye mojaye Mexico'im
Lam dadim ruye shenaye sahel
Daryaro mibinam tu un cheshaye zaghet
Migam 'Oo La La', beram ghorbune un paha!
Tahe shahrivare liquor e zardalu
Mikhorim o mikonim o mikonim barf paru
Eshgham ine zendegimun, mikham gher bedi room
Dare gusham begi 'Kosse khare zendegimun!'!
Miyad ruzi ke, do tayi mimunim khomare ye bus dige
Ta Venus mire sedaye tabestoon
Vakhti pam zire saret jaye balesh bud
Vali na ma dige harchi begim bahanast
Asemunemun abi mese Mediterranean'as

(Chorus x2)
Kashki donya yadesh bere maro
Nabinim tulue aftabo!

(Verse 3 by Wilson)

Negaha ru man o to bud eyne arusi
Hame tu kaf eyne Jacuzzi
To migerefti dastet Hermes
Manam kafsh o kamar o kolam sabz o ghermez
Har ruz mididam 7 e sobo bat
Tanet narm o range chocolate
Nemikardamet az badanam joda
Tane to bud garm tar az sauna
Barga hame rikhtan vali shakhe hast
Kamkam bayad baro bast
Bayad bargardim khunehamun sak be dast
Chizi ke munde ye khaterast
Alan baghalet konam beynemun kapshene
Kash beshe barfa zudtar ab beshe
Chon man ru fekram dame sahele
Bayad noh mah vaisam eine zane hamele

(Bridge by Hidden & Sijal)

Man haminja mimunam
(In hame ruz migzare zud, dore hamim in hame dust)
Man ta beshe michugham
(In hame ruz migzare zud, zakhar be man begu chi kame tush?!)

(Chorus x2)
(In hame ruz migzare zud, dore hamim in hame dust x2)

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Tabestoon Kootahe song meanings
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    Translationthis is for my lovely girl who i wanted to enjoy this song as much as i do :)
    love u alecs :*

    Verse 1 Hidden
    We are on the beach again , under the stars/ happy because we are in the best months of the year
    the only problem is we need to sleep/ everything is awesome but if autumn let us
    Why time go forward so fast? / I hate 1th Mehr by all means (1th Mehr: the first day of fall in Iran’s calendar, its about22 Sep)
    I wanna get drunk, look at God
    And smoke so much to f..k my lungs
    Because my name is Hidden, I express my idea, I’m crazy
    So stay with me at night, don’t be alone/ because I know you love my behavior
    Me and you on the bed, overlapping, on bang, censer and candle with little light
    Forget tomorrow when we have today, me and you and our best friend Grey Goose
    Anyway every year, leaves change color/ A few month green, at the end die while they are yellow
    Summer gone and cold made my body flagging/ in hangover and patience like a Crack addicted
    But we don’t get wet under autumn tears/ in winter if we don’t go to Swaziland will go to Dizin(its a common ski reosrt in iran) ski resort
    And in spring, weather is cloudy, only has good smell
    That saying us summer is coming but

    Chorus Nassim
    Summer is short, we stay together as far as we can
    Best friends, old things, we live like this here

    Verse 2 JJ
    Madamoiselle with bag Channel/ you melt like Caramel
    Philosophy of the world is life is two days (life is short)/ every night of that is brandy and smoke
    That girl is my playmate/ everywhere goes her program is snow game
    It’s a few month she knows with who is at nights/(hah) if I leave, she will be alone
    I’m in her mind and vodka in the glass/ tonight she wants to live like 'Livin la vida loca'
    To use Weed and Coca until midnight/ will be finish in a second
    But if sun doesnt came up/ will have fun here until the end of life
    Then until a day that don’t come wet leaves / we live like there is no tomorrow

    We feel so sexy/ (mmm) on Mexico waves! (Ooh)
    Laying on beach sands/ I see the sea in your blue eyes
    I say OO La La/ i can die for that body
    It’s end of Shahrivar (The last month of summer) apricot Liquor/ Eat and make love and shovel snow
    This is my love, our life
    I want you dance on me Say in my ear dont give a fuck about our problems in life
    Arrives that day/ we will be vintner of another kiss
    Voice of summer goes up to Venus (star)/ When my legs were under your head instead of your pillow
    But no, what else we say is excuse / our sky is blue like Mediterranean

    Chorus x2 Nassim + Bridge
    Summer is short, we stay together as far as we can
    Best friends, old things, we live like this here
    I wish world forget about us(so we dont have anymore problems) and we wont see the sunrise

    Verse 3 Wilson
    they look at us like its our wedding/ everyone was wondering like Jacuzzi (likeness between wondering and Jacuzzi: foam, when somebody is wondering so much is foaming! A Persian term)
    You were holding Hermes (bag) in your hand/ and me, my shoes and belt and hat (was) green and red

    I was seeing seven o clock in the morning with you/your body soft
    I wouldn't release you from my body/ your body was hottest than sauna
    Leaves are shed but there is dead wood yet/ by and by must pack bag
    Have to come back to our homes bag on hand/ only thing has remained is a memory
    If I hug you now there is jacket between us/ wish snows melt sooner
    Because I’m thinking of the beach/ I have to wait 9 month like a pregnant woman

    Hidden & Sijal
    I stay right here
    These many days pass fast,but we are together these many friends
    i'll smoke till i cant
    These many days pass fast, fellow tell me what defect it has?

    Chorus x2 Nassim
    Summer is short, we stay together as far as we can
    Best friends, old things, we live like this here
    Afshinon February 22, 2014   Link
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    General Commentoh my god...its my favorit song...its the best song forever...
    zZzZzZzZ zed....ashegheshoonam asasi <3
    erfanmession September 05, 2011   Link

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